Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a bunch of Thoughts

I realized today that I have not officially announced the name of our new daughter. We have decided that her name will be Cohen Marie Smith. Of course it is different and people look at me funny when I tell them--you either love it or hate it. It is the same way with Kinson's name. But growing up with an unusual last name--Trebotich-- I have to love the fact that you are instantly recognized. Well with the last name Smith....I don't even have to say anything else.

I also need to congratulate The Crawfords (http://tkcrawford.blogspot.com) on the arrival of their little boy Cole Harrison today. I do not know all the details yet but we can't wait to meet him.

And I need to welcome one of my bestest friends from high school--Bo Maurer-- to the blogging world!! I am fortunate to be going through this pregancy at the same time as her so we can complain together :) Check her cute family out!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

We had the best Father's Day this year. Bear is very deserving of a day to himself as he is a a better "papa" than I could have ever hoped for. He has pulled his fair share of getting up in the middle of the night, diaper changes, babysitting, all while still being the best husband I could ask for. I can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life.

We started out the day with breakfast at Joe's Diner, it is very small-town and Bear knows that I just love the ideas of "regulars" and the waitresses already knowing what you want. Then we took my Daddy and Kinson to the zoo. Kinson has never been to the zoo and my dad says he hasn't been in probably 20 years. I think that they both enjoyed it!

Kinson called every animal "dog!!"

We even rode the train and we had it all to ourselves! Kinson was exhausted by time we got on it and he fell asleep before we even were halfway through!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It only took 7 days....

before I got my first phone call from school!

I looked down at my phone and see that Kinson's school is calling. For some reason I didn't panic. I heard Miss Angie on the other end telling me that she was calling to let me know that Kinson had gotten into a fight at school and had been scratched. My first response was like "Ok, that is pretty normal", but then I realized that I should probably sound concerned, so I asked if he and the other child were fine and she said yes. She said that it is policy that they call if the children's injuries are a result from another child and that they do not encourage this behavior. So we ended the conversation after knowing he was fine and I would pick him up as normal.

Well I called Bear on my way to pick him up and I told him what I had understood had happened. We both felt as though kids would be kids and things like this would happen, but of course we did not want our child known as the bully of the school. Well I told Bear that this was definitely a Father/Son moment and he could address it.

I don't know if I didn't hear Miss Angie right or just didn't understand what happened, but when I got to his classroom she was holding him and giving him extra attention. Well after seeing him I understood why. Kinson not only got into a fight but got his first butt kickin! She was very concerned that I would be upset about his scratches but again I really wasn't. She told me that they were coming in from recess and another child pushed him down and tried to take away the toy and the other child's behavior was addressed appropriately. I told her that I understood that things happen and he would survive. She never told me which child it was and I didn't ask...I didn't want to hear that it could have been a girl!!

Kinson might look a little rough but he has a had a rough 2 weeks and I will try and update everyone soon on all of his mishaps, but here are the latest war wounds!

I do want to add again that Bear and I were/are not upset in the fact that Kinson got hurt at school (lord knows how much he has gotten hurt under our watch) because we know very well that we could have easily had the child that did the instigating and that it is not a reflection of anything he has been taught or wasn't receiving proper care. It is just that his classroom is filled with 12 energetic, curious toddlers and kids will be kids!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

pictures from first day

This was when he didn't know any better and he thought he was headed to Kathy's!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Days 2 & 3

I get a phone call from Bear Tuesday morning and all I hear is "It was worse!" Yes, the second morning of school was TERRIBLE!!! He said he threw himself on the floor and screamed! Bear said that he just turned around and left, that was all that he could do. We knew that it would be tough and hard, but not this bad! I left to try and pick him up by 3:00, his morning teacher leaves at 3, so I could ask how it went. I got there and peeked in the window and he was just hugging and kissing all over Ms Angie!! He was having so much fun!! The teachers said that they all fight over him because he loves to give hugs and kisses!! Needless to say I felt much better!!
Day 3-- Bear called and said that the drop off went better, but there were still tears, but better! He was having a blast when I went to pick him up this afternoon, so it is definitely looking promising!!

I will get some picture up as soon as I can of his first day of school!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

First Day of "School"

You might remember me posting that we had gotten "THE" call from Hope Learning Center. Well initially it was for a spot in August, but she called in May and offered us a spot in June. I did not know what to do, but after talking to Kathy and Bear about it we decided that he would love a summer with playtime outside and that he was ready to make the change.

Friday we had to say our tearful goodbye to the oh-so wonderful Mrs. Kathy. I can not say enough good things about her and how she has made Kinson a better child in his first 15 months of life. We love her so much that we made sure that we have a spot for our little girl!!

I dreaded today all weekend and I think that Kinson sensed it. Bear and I decided to take him together in fear that if he cried we would need the support of each other to ensure that we left him there and did not put him back into the car and drive to Kathy's!! As soon as we pulled up he looked up at me and said "ome" (home!) and I said No we werent home. And then the tears began to fall, the cries got louder, and his grip around Bear's neck only got tighter! We met sweet Miss Kirby who was telling us about what his day would be like and I was giving her my list of details about Kinson. This whole time Kinson was just crying and crying! Finally after about 10 minutes she said that some parents just run in and drop them off and it makes it a little easier. I guess that was my hint that he was never going to quit crying as long as I was still there. Bear had already walked outside and I followed him and then the tears began to fall harder...only this time they were MINE!!! I cried all the way to work, not because I thought he wasn't cared for, but because he didn't understand what was going on. I made Bear call him only 1 time during the day (I couldn't in fear of crying on the phone.) Please tell me that I am not the only one!

Some days I come home before I go pick up Kinson and clean up a little or just have a little "mommy" time, but by 2:00 I had all that I could take. I left work and went and picked him up. As soon as he saw me he started crying and running to me! Don't you just love that?! He did look as though he had a blast throughout the day. His "report card" said he did great and he colored me a purple picture. The teachers said that he did fine and he took a 2 1/2 hour nap!!

Now that the trauma of the first day is over, it makes me only dread tomorrow worse. He will know where we are going as soon as we get in the car. But this is why I make Bear take him, so I can look like the hero when I come and pick him up! I will keep yall updated!