Thursday, September 25, 2008

Latest Updates

You think that a woman on bedrest could at least update her bog...well I got put on modified bedrest! Which means I can get up and do normal things just try and take it easy. Tomorrow was our goal date of 36 weeks and it looks like we will make it! I will be able to go off the medicine on Monday and from there it will just be a waiting game. We did get some disappointing news....I have to wait until Oct 21st for my c-section unless she arrrives on her own earlier. Apparently my dr is going to be out of town everyday in Oct except the 21-22, so i am scheduled the first one on the 21st. We were hoping for a little earlier but I know she cant stay in there forever!

Now to my other sick one, yes we went back to the dr last week with fever and congestion after being off antibiotics 4 days. Well they sent us to Baptist and did a CT of his sinuses which showed a severe bacterial infection in all 4 sinus cavities as well as blocked. We were relieved that they found least they dont think that we are crazy drug-seekers! The new plan is a 21 day round of Vantin, nose sprays, decongestant, bronchodialators, and steroids in hopes to kill the bacteria. After the meds are finished he will get off of everything for a week then repeat the CT scan to see if the bacteria has cleared up or is reappearing. If it has not cleared up we will proceed with sinus irrigation and possible adenoid removal. I know I never would want Kinson to have to have surgery but from everybody we have spoken to the surgery seems to be the best option as far as long term. So in a way if the meds don't work it is ok with us. We are only hesitant because all of this should happen about the time of Cohen's big arrival. She isn't even in the world yet and they are already fighting for attention!

I have no new pics because the camera is packed in Bear's hospital bag considering our frequent trips there....he is the only one packed and ready to go (you think that i would learn my lesson!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hospital stay...again, however

this time it was for ME!! I finally called my dr Tuesday after Bear had been encouraging me to call since I started feeling contractions on Friday. They kept coming and going and were never really I was only 33 weeks, she wasn't ready. So it was much to my surprise when they hooked me up to the monitor and i was having contactions every 2 mins!! And even more surprising, i was already dialated 2 cm (I didnt even get that far after 12 hours with Kinson!) So it was a mad dash to get every scenario prepared for. I was started with 3 Terbutaline shots that shot my Heartrate up to >150 so thay had to spread it out further than they would like. Then they hooked me up to the magnesium sulfate pump and gave me shots of steroids to help develop Cohen's lungs in case she was to show up. We stayed through the night and the contractions slowed to every 8 mins but dialation had not progressed so they took me off the pump and started me on Procardia. It didn't change or decrease anything just maintained the contractions. So now we are home and on strict bedrest until she shows up....our goal is at least 2 wks so she can be 36 weeks. We go back to the dr Monday hoping to find nothing alarming or any further progress. I am just so sad because this weekend is my 10 year class reunion! Maybe we will sneak off and go to just Saturday night and stay seated the whole time....that can't hurt too much, can it?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What do you get when the dr says you are healthy?

A trip to Gattitown!!! Yes that is right, Kinson finally got a clean bill of health Friday! Lungs seemed clear, no congestion, fever, etc. Thank you to everybody for all of their support and prayers through his illness. But needless to say that after 2 weeks of seeing only our house, the dr office, or the hospital, he was STIR CRAZY!! He still has to continue with breathing treatments at least until December when he will start further testing to determine allergies, triggers, etc. But we are still guarded because his trend is to be well for about 2 weeks and fall into this rut again, but hopefully we are on top of it!
Here is is hanging out in the cartoon room!
He loved the bulldozer!

He attempted to play ski-ball, but he decided he just wanted to climb up the ramp and put the balls in the holes himself!!