Monday, December 28, 2009

Who killed Jolly Jo-Jo?

The Crawfords hosted our annual Christmas Bunko this year and as always they are the most creative host/hostesses. This year instead of the traditional Christmas party, we had a Murder Mystery party with all the props including our "tacky" attire! Sorry to disappoint, but this is not our usual attire! If you are stumped for an idea to add some fun to a usual get together, I highly recommend it. We had the BEST time!

Anna, Brandy, Priscilla, and Helen

All the ladies with our most favorite Christmas sweaters!

All of the guys, we had a few good sports that joined in on the tackiness, including the winner--Stanton (farthest to the right)!!

This is me and one of my bestest friends Lyndi! I can't wait to show my Mamaw this picture because we are both in sweaters that she let me borrow. i can already hear her asking me, "Did everyone like your outfits, darling?" She gladly let me borrow them, I don't think she quite understood why!!

I know these arent from Christmas!

But I know I havent put any pictures up in awhile so these will have to do for the moment!

Kinson walks in the door and he automatically takes off his shoes and pants....not sure why but he feels this need!

Ok, the remark has been made that Cohen needs a haircut, but I REFUSE! I want her hair to grow out so right now we are at this "in between stage"! She has enough hair for pigtails but that little girl won't have any part of it. Well I guess we just start wearing hats!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

An email from our Neurologist

I could type it all out but I decided to just copy and paste part of my exact email :

From Dr Bruce

"I have good news....Cohen's EEG was normal. I am happy for 2 reasons....#1there was no sharp or spike waves that would indicate seizure activity. Secndly, her brain activity is not slow--which can be seen with children who have any degree of mental retardation."

PRAISE GOD!!!! I can handle all these test as long as we get results like this!! I am sorry I didnt post on Thursday when we found out but I have been on the phone fighting with First Steps and it has been soooooo frustrating. Thank goodness January is coming soon and we will be able to start Cohen in whatever therapy services we choose and let our insurance pay for it (at least for the first 25 visits).