Friday, July 19, 2013

So far behind

Summer is flying by and we are sure enjoying it.  I might be all over the place, but bear with me :)

Do you think they are starting to like each other?  Maybe......just a smidgen! Cohen has become obsessed with Sunday school and is the first to have her clothes picked out---this usually occurs midweek--and the teachers are so impressed with her capability of recalling the Bible verses........from every class she has ever attended!!
It finally happened.....Kinson lost his FIRST tooth!!!  At his last check-up, Dr Tiffany warned us that Cohen might lose some teeth before Kinson.  Well fortunately, Kinson had a tooth start wiggling Memorial Day and we finally pulled it last week.  He was so excited.  He already had "tooth fairy list" made up that he was going to leave her so she would know what he wanted the next time.  Uh--it's not Christmas, child!!  Needless to say, he got $5 and was ecstatic.  

Kinson is starting his 2nd year of karate.  I think we have found a perfect match for him.  His Sensei says that he is the leader of the group and does well keeping the others in line.  He tested and received his "high" green belt last weekend.  (If you are curious about the belts, they don't start solid belt colors until next year.)

It was a week of firsts---Cohen had her first date :)  Her and her sweet friend, Isaiah, went to see Monster's University.  They are so sweet together an the love for each other can not be denied.  Cohen still hasn't mastered sitting through a movie but has made a huge improvement with it.  

There are nice people everywhere.  I am overwhelmed with the generosity of some people.  Mr Barksdale, a grandfather to a fellow Magnolia Speechster, invited a few kids and their families to be his guest in his company's sky box at the Mississippi Braves game.  It was so special for some of us, as this might have been a rather stressful time if we were contained to a regular seat, the loud noise, and fellow fans.  The kids had a blast being spoiled with popcorn, ice cream, and jumpers.  My kids will never understand watching a game any other way now!!

It takes Cohen awhile to warm up to you and she usually chooses the quietest person as her friend.  The bigger kids had gone to the jumpers and the moms and Cohen stayed behind. While the moms were catching up, Cohen decided at that time to pick her prey :)  Mr Barksdale was great company for her.  He was so patient with her and she was enthralled with him.  

These kids were so excited!!

Cohen's Crew made its annual appearance at the Magnolia Speech Sprint this year.  The adults survived and every single child placed!!  Graham won 1st place overall, Kinson won 3rd in his age group, and Reid and Mackenzie each won 3rd in their groups.  As always, it is such a fun and easy way to support a great cause.