Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Little Dare DEVIL!!

Kinson has gotten to be such a big boy recently. It really shows in his "no fear" attitude that he has. This is what we walked into the last couple of times he was playing in his room.

For those of you who don't know, this toy is meant to be ridden sitting down! He thinks it is hilarious to stand on the Big Blue Dog and sing his heart out "hands free!!"

This is a picture of the result from another of Kinson's stunts he decided to pull. He thought that he could FLY!! He tried it off the side of the deck...we were fortunate this was all he hurt. (You might have to look close at his forehead!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh where, oh where have we been?

Nowhere!! We are just so excited to have Bear home with us at a decent hour every night! We counted down the days until the end of tax season and when Bear could spend a Saturday with us again. Well the time has come and what a relief! After only one week, Bear has asked 100 times how I did this for the last 4 months alone....I have to remind him that I was alone for the first 6 moths of Kinson' life as he traveled!! But I will not lie, it was TOUGH and I don't want to know what next year will be like with 2 kids by myself everyday.

We also got "THE" call from Hope Learning Center! To those who don't have kids can not understand why I acted like my child just got into Harvard when Sr Theres called. We were very fortunate to be accepted right after Kinson was born but had to turn them down due to Kinson's meds. When I called to get on the list again, they were shocked that I had said No at first. Well after a year of calling every other Friday at exactly 1:15 we got in!! We will be so sad to leave Mrs. Kathy but we know it is time for him to have more structure. We still have until August before we start, so he will be 18 months by then. I just am so thankful that I got into somewhere where i can feel at ease dropping him off everyday.

Baby Update: 14 weeks along and feeling much better...still can't eat very well at night but it is getting better. The complications still exist but surgery might not be an option right now due to some new complications that could intefere with the baby. So we will just deal with everything until i deliver if possible and do surgery soon after. We scheduled the BIG u/s for May22!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beach baby!

I finally got some pics downloaded from our wonderful trip to SC. It was Kinson first time on the beach and did he love it or what?!!
He loved to walk on the sand but he did not like it when the waves came ashore. He started running!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beach house pic

Just wanted to show yall the back of the house we stayed in. See all those stairs...I had to be on Kinson's heels at all times because there were those outside stairs (right next to the pool) and a 3-story staircase inside. Needless to say, we won't be looking at any houses with stairs until my kids are all fully capable of climbing up and down safely!!

We're Back!!

And we are EXHAUSTED!!! Taking a 14 month old and being 12 weeks pregnant, on a vacation with no hubby was hard work! Bear can't get away during tax season so he encouraged me to go without him. I went with my mother's family to Charleston, SC for a week. It was a much needed time away, but I forget how hard it is to have my child ALL day!! Once I have unpacked and find my camera I will show yall the most gorgeous beach house that we stayed in (it was large enough for 22 of us to stay in it)!! Thank you Uncle Bill!!

Baby Update: I will be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and thank goodness all this All day sickness is easing up a bit. There have been multiple trips to the dr with some new complications that will soon be resolved with a surgery next month. Will update as the details pan out.