Friday, November 7, 2008

Doesn't he just look mischievious!!

I love to take pictures but I haven't had time to upload and edit in a long time, so here a few are as I am trying to still learn my new software!

Big Brother

It started off too good to be true...Kinson would be really sweet to "Baby", but how quickly things have changed! Cohen can not be put in the swing at all if Kinson is home, he thinks that it is for him and he climbs in it and swings it side to side screaming "weeee!" The bouncy seat must require supervision, he thinks he needs to demonstrate his strength as he picks it up and tumps it over. As far as just sitting and holding her, out of the question! He will just climb up in your lap and sit on her!

He does have his nicer moments (or as Kinson says in his most Southern accent "Ni-ice") he hates to hear her cry and runs to get her paci and proceeds to shove in her mouth and when she wont take it he puts it in his mouth, the same with her bottle, he thinks he should taste it to make sure it is safe for her! His cutest moment that I am sure he learned at school is when you tell him "baby is sleeping", he will look at you and put his finger up his nose and say "SHHHH!" I dont think he really knows what "SHHH!" really means!!

This is Bear's favorite picture as he says it captures Kinson's mind scheming and Cohen sitting in fear of what is to come!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cohen's First Halloween

She didnt go trick or treating with us, Nana came over to give out candy and watch her while Kinson had all the fun. But we did take her to Kinson's Halloween lunch at school....while she looked cute she really was into sleeping!

Special Delivery!!

Kinson has so much fun this year for Halloween! At first he had no idea why we actually letting him go up to people's door but he finally got the hang of it. He wouldnt let people put candt in his pumpkin, he had to do it, and then it would sit and want to dump out all the candy and take inventory!! We only made it around the block but it took over an hour and he had plenty of candy and fun!