Friday, April 30, 2010

We are here....sometimes :)

I thought as April 15 slowly arrived, I would have more time...WRONG!! Life has been hectic as normal justnow there are 2 of us to deal with it! Havent uploaded pics in awhile but I will get to them in due time :) What have the Smith's been up to?

** Who knew thats soccer could take up so much time?? One practice a week and a game every Saturday really adds up, but Kinson LOVES it and we cry to we have tears running down our faces at every game because they are so darn cute!

**Bear had his CPA ceremony, got his license, and a raise (that being the biggest in my book ;)) so it is definitely official and can not be taken back!!

**I went on a girls weekend trip for my bestest friend, Priscilla's Bachelorette Party. It has been a long time since I have ben in New Orleans on a fun weekend....good thing we have all grown up a bit :)

** Speaking of Priscilla, her big day is tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited for her and Joey. I am off today preparing and performing all of my Bridesmaid duties.

**As always we have had multiple drs visits and I will try and sum it up in as few words as possible. Cohen will have surgery May 13 to remove her adenoids, sinus wash, new tubes, and a series of sedated hearing tests. This became a last resort as we have attempted 3 hearing tests and the results have either been inconclusive or she hasnt participated. So we got a GREAT new ENT and he felt like she was holding fluid behind her ears and until we cleared that up we were always going to be questioning her hearing. We saw the endo yesterday and through all of her recent testing, it is now a definitive diagnosis that she is partially growth hormone deficient. Once the drug company and insurance work things out, she will begin daily injections. She is also undergoing a diet overhaul, as it is shown that kids who have this diagnosis have a tendency to have metabolic issues with fat and inability to break down and discard of it. Recently she has been eating to the point of vomiting and her stomach has been protruding and hard. So she will have some new restrictions and limitations on quantity until she gets older and activity can be encouraged and the meds begin to take effect. However, this little girl is so busy!!! She never stops until she literally crashes at 7:00 every night and sleeps rock solid til we wake her up at 6:30.

** Cohen learned 2 syllables recently. "buh" and "na". We were thrilled to her little voice, except when we hear the "na" sound. She only uses this when she is mad or scared. Especially when she hears the vacuum cleaner!!

Hopefully after this weekend I will get some great new pictures this weekend!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Warning! Don't leave a cookie cake in the oven,

and then turn on the oven to cook supper.....this is what it will look like!

Last Sunday was Bear's birthday. He is pretty easy to please when it comes to his birthday. He always asks for 2 things--Outback and a cookie cake. Well, considering how hectic life has been since January his birthday got overlooked the same way Kinson's birthday, Valentines Day, passing the CPA test, and our Anniversary will. So we haven't gotten a "date night" for Outback but I thought the least I could do was get a cookie cake. I got the thing ordered and was thinking about picking it up while he was at work on Saturday and then it occurred to me. How in the world was I going to get Kinson, Cohen in her stroller, and this cake out of the mall? Luckily, my mom came to the rescue. The cake got here safe and sound however Kinson decided that we could not wait til Sunday to eat it-- he was ready as soon as Bear got home Saturday. So after devouring half the cake we had to hide it from Kinson so the oven was the only place it would fit. Too bad I didn't remember that when supper called for me to preheat the oven to 425 degrees! Don't feel too bad for me-- Bear and Kinson still managed to eat every morsel of that cake by Monday!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My dreams have come true...sort of

As far back as I could remember, I always wanted children-- 3boys, 1 girl--and I wanted them involved in everything and I would be the mom that toted everyone to and from games, parties, and organized carnivals and dances, etc. Well, that time is arriving--I am officially a SOCCER MOM!! Kinson is playing Blastball at the YMCA and his first game was this past Saturday. Did i mention in my fantasies my child was also the Star Athlete? Hmmm, I will let you judge for yourselves....

Yes, he is laying down while the game is going on!

I don't think you are supposed to use your hands!!

This is pretty much what he looked like the entire time. We really didn't know what to expect but we knew there would be problems regarding only one ball. Not only did he not understand there was only 1 ball during the game but he did not like the game ball, he wanted to play with a different ball. He never cried or screamed, he just was not that into it. He finally warmed up to during the second half but by the time he would get to the ball, the whistle would blow and he sure didn't understand stopping!! They get this weekend off but I will be sure to update after the next game!