Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Where has December gone?

This month has flown by. We have been so busy! Here are some things that we have done:

We went and saw the lights in Canton. We thought that Kinson would love it but of course it was not so much fun. It was past his bedtime and FREEZING!! And Mommy thought that it would be fun for him to ride the carousel and again..WRONG!! Maybe next year.....

My niece, Taylor, had a show choir performance. It was lots of fun to do hair and makeup and get her all dressed up. It is definitely a sight to see as I try to dry and put rollers in her hair. Maybe that is why I have been blessed with a little boy so I can have a little more time before I need all those skills!

Taylor did great and she definitely did not inherit Aunt Brandy's singing voice!!

My next great idea was to go and meet Santa. Where we live is very catering to kids and we love it. They planned a night where the whole neighborhood put up luminaries and Rudolph rode around in a convertible and Santa showed up on a firetruck. Then the plan is to go to the clubhouse have cookies and get pics made. Well as you can clearly see Kinson was not having any of it. He had been grumpy beforehand and the Santa wasn't the greatest. Well maybe next year.....

We also went to my best friend Leann and her new hubby's wedding (Congratulations!!!) and of course we had tons of Christmas plans! More of that to come later.....stay tuned!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Hair Days!

Well, I should have realized it in the hospital when I woke up from being put to sleep for my C-section and Bear's first words to me were "Wait until you see his hair!" Kinson was born with the kinkiest black hair.

Then after a few weeks and to my relief, he lost all of that hair and it actually came back lighter and STRAIGHTER!!!

Well 10 months have gone by now and it is official.....he inherited the curly hair. Maybe it is the December that is 80 degrees and 90% humidity, but his days of "good hair days" are over. This is what he looked like Saturday morning!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Helping out around the house!

Kinson tries to be oh so helpful in every way around the house! He even tries to help put away the groceries!!

If only I could teach him to put away his toys!!!

Really he is just moments away from walking. He pushes everything around the house, even his high chair! we are not so sure whether we should be excited or scared!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The world is just a doggie door away!

I can't start to tell you how many things that I have seen in stores and magazines and think that I should buy that for Kinson. But it is so funny the things that he can become enthrolled with...bowls, boxes, the dog water, and how could I forget his new found obsession.......

We are worried that there is going to be a time (probably sooner than later) that we will be looking for him and he will be hanging out on the deck with the dogs!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

9 years later!

I am proud to say I have somewhat kept up with my friends from highschool, but I am sad to say that it has been via email and myspace. Most of them live less than 30 minutes from me, but I never seem to see them. So when I do it is usually a real fun time. This year we got our kids together for awhile and then had the hubbies or grandmas come and get them and go and have a grown-up dinner. We can sit and laugh and talk for hours on end just like we are in highschool all over again. Some things have changed about each of us, we are career women, wives, mothers, some of us have endured life-changing experiences.......

However some things will never change!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shrek or Treat!

The first time that my cousins from Houston saw Kinson, their first words were"He is so cute, he looks like a baby shrek!" Even on his fussiest day, we can turn on Shrek and it guarantees us at least 30 minutes of peace...not to mention we can get caught up in the movie too. So the name has stuck.
So it was not really a discussion when it came to Halloween. I saw the costume in a catalog and got it AUGUST!!! Well he was the cutest Baby Shrek ever!

He had his cousins, Taylor and MacKenzie, come over and go door-to-door wih him. By the end of the night he was pooped!

Friday, November 2, 2007

A day at the fair!!

We knew that Kinson loved animals, but he REALLY loved the petting zoo. He would feed the animals, stick his hand in their mouth, and then to my dismay stick his hands in his mouth...YUCK!!! He was mad when we left and made him ride in the stroller.

But he did have his first encounter with a carnie! He picked up a little duckie and then picked out his very own prize...a little stuffed alligator. About 100 ft down the midway he threw it out and it was never seen
again :(

Thursday, November 1, 2007

They call me the fireman!!

Woo-woo! Emergency!! Kinson to the Rescue!!

Kinson just thnks that wearing hats are the funniest things! His cousin got him this hat at school and we decide to see if it might be good look for him (it is never too young to choose a profession!!!)