Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

that I dread each year. I don't know how to explain how I feel when this day approaches each year. I can't believe that it has been 8 years since my accident, I would have never believed that my life would be where it is today. I dont have to be told how far I have come and the obstacles that I have overcome, that is my job to tell others so it is hard for me to understand this side of it. I still feel like adversity is something you accept and move on. The last few years have been relatively smooth as the day approaches and passes. I have always just tried to keep busy and but like I said the last few years it just hasnt "bothered" me. But this year has been different. This day has been in my mind for a few weeks now, however I had to look up the day because I couldn't remeber the exact date! But it happened on a Sunday so Sunday was exceptionally hard for me. It was as though i kept looking at the clock replaying what I did all day before/after. I wish I could put my finger on it this year, but I feel like i have been made aware of my arm more the last few months. Kinson has become aware that Momma is different and now that all the kids in his class are so vocal they are also very curious. Each day I have to explain that I am not "hurt" to them, just different. I also hurt my thumb a couple of weeks ago and it really scared me knowing that if something happened to my left hand I dont know what I would do. I know that this is just a bunch of rambles and probably makes no sense but it is sort of therapy for me. And it tends to be cheaper than my other therapy that usually consists of many stores and credit cards! However this weekend I did start my retail therapy and got a new rug, 2 chairs, and an ottoman for our living room but it is on order and wont arrive for 2-4 weeks so this will have to do in the meantime!

Where has this sweet boy gone?

This face looks so deceiving but inside that little boy there is a plan brewing. The plan consists of making everyday tasks as difficult as possible for his mama and papa!! I wish i could take pictures of our bedtime routine but we dont have one anymore. He moved to a toddler bed a few weeks ago and all since of routine has gone out the window with the crib. He hates to go to bed, kicks screams, and will make himself hyperventilate to get his way. He sleeps in his school shirt because he hates to change clothes and I hoose to fight that battle only once a day. We wake up early and sneak in his room and slide on his school shorts and if we are lucky we can change hisdiaper too before he realizes that he should be fighting us. The task might not be as bad except that Kinson feels the need to sleep in SHOES everynight! Dont ask us why but again we pick and choose our battles. If you can just imagine what he looks like at night....school shirt, diaper, and red lighting mcqueen crocs!! I am going to try and get a picture.
Today though our little man had to go back to the dr with strep for the third time this year. Last year it was pneumonia and bronchitis and this year strep, I hate that he has to be sick but this year was much easier. But as bad as he is at home, he sure can charm the ladies. He was a complete angel with the nurses letting them weigh him, take temp, and even listen to his chest.....he normally goes ape crazy after his traumatic experiences. He did great until they checked his ears and he screamed and told the dr "You hurt my ears, make it feel better!" He is riding around with Bear hoping that at any moment he will fall asleep so we can forgo the kicking and screaming tonight in exchange for an early night that is sure to be shortened when he awakens feeling puny and crawling in our bed!

Time is going by sooo fast....

my little girl turned 9 months old Sunday!! She really is starting to grow up and be a "real" baby as me and Bear say. Yes we know she is a real baby, but she is finally beginning to do things that babies do. She started combat crawling last week and boy has she gotten fast. She will get up on all 4s but really likes squirming around on her tummy. She has the cutest, shy personality. She will look at strangers and smile and then bury her head in our chests acting bashful :) She definitely gets that from her papa!
She LOVES to eat right now, although not much from her bottle but she wants to feed herself. She loves her mum-mums and cheese crumbles. We havent tried too many table foods because I learned with Kinson, once they start eating tablefoods they hate babyfood. Well with her small size, I like to control that she eats a certain amount each day and anything over that is great. We wont get weighed again until Monday so I dont know exactly how much she weighs but at home it is between 14.5-15lbs.
Her verbalization has increased some, especially in the morning or during diaper changers. She usually has the best stories to tell us then! Still no real so called babbling but definite sounds on a regular basis now!
As far as her thyroid is going, we are still taking Synthroid each morning (this will be our routine indefinitely) and she will have bloodwork done again Monday to see if she is still within the range they would like. I know I always say how amazed we are each day as we watch her develop, but we truly are in awe of how strong she really is.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marshmellow Cream, who would have thought?

It could cause a HUGE meltdown?! Kinson "helped" me in the kitchen the other night, I gave him the marshmellow cream after I got out what I needed and let him go to town. He is so picky i never thought he would actually taste it. After one bite he was hooked! He loved it, but it was close to bedtime so I had to cut him off and he did not like it one bit. He threw a MAJOR fit.....these seem to be getting more and more common!

So innocent....

Just a short update on Cohen's progress. She is doing GREAT! She is waking us up each morning to some sweet sounds and we can't complain. She has started to ooh and aah a good bit and making some hard consonant sounds when she is good and awake. We found out that she tends to do better in the morning especially when well rested and full! She is holding her bottle now, which is big for us just for the sake of time because it still takes he about 20 minutes to finish a bottle. So now she can hang out in her bouncy seat each morning and take her time. Still no crawling but she can get to whatever she wants! She scoots and spins constantly. She will get to furniture and can get up on her knees and really wants to pull up, so we will see if she even crawls. Again we wont complain that she isnt quiet so mobile but definitely not delayed yet!
If you look at her you would think that she has grown 2 sizes but the scales still dont show it. She is hanging out around 14lbs 5oz and 24-25in long. These are both in the >1% growth percentile but all we can do is encourage food whenever she wants it. She had her first surgery a couple weeks ago, she got tubes. We opted for those for 2 reasons: 1: we thought it was affecting her hearing which in turn affected her speech and 2: it affected her ability to suck on the bottle because of the pain it was causing. We have seen a great improvement in both areas. She is a trooper with her medicine, she has to take a pill, yes you read that right A PILL, each morning and can't eat for at least 30 minutes. Well that wouldnt be too bad but she has to wait the 30 min and then take her Prevacid which would like her to wait another 30 min to eat! She really does well and tries to be patient.
She really is doing so well compared to where she started! We are so thankful and encouraged by her.

Happy Independence Day!

We live in the most kid-friendly neighborhood and each year they have a parade for every holiday. On the 4th of July the Pearl River Valley Fire Station is kind enough to lead the parade. And oh does kinson love a firetruck! However it seems as though the anticipation of it was actually more exciting than the actual firetruck itself. He could hear the sirens as it rode through the neighborhood and he kept saying "It's coming!" However when it actually got here he wasnt as excited. But he was a big fan of the beads!!

The Fourth Of July is one of my all time favorite holidays and I think it has to do with where I work and knowing so many men and women who have fought for our freedom. Their stories are amazing and it is a rminder to me each day that freedom is not something we should take for granted. Thank You!!!