Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obligatory "First Day" post

Just like the rest of the South, my kids are back in school.  And let me just say...........we were ready!!!  This summer wore us out.  I am not sure if it because we really only get 5 weeks out (Cohen goes extended school year) or if we tried to cram a whole lot into it.  Either way, we are glad to be back and getting into a routine.
Cohen is at Magnolia for her FOURTH year!!  Can you believe we started this journey 4 years ago?!?  Some days it seems like eons ago and other days it seems like we just started.  She got a new teacher for her, Ms. Amanda.  Cohen was excited until we got there.  At that time she realized not all of her friends came with her.  We talked a lot about how 2 of her very dear friends were going to "Big Boy school" and she understood, she also understood that she would move to the next class....well, because that's just what you do next.  Cohen can understand concrete rules.  But what devastated her and was hard for her to comprehend was why a friend did not move up and went to another room.  Not sure if we have grasped it yet, but like everything else---on to the next thing! 

And this little rascal started First grade!  Kinson got a new teacher to his school, Mrs. Hicks.  We had heard wonderful things about her and were eager for fresh ideas and maybe better ways to approach his behaviors.  He was also ecstatic with his classmates-- he was reunited with a few favorites and also some new friends.  So far, he has amazed us with his eagerness to learn and if you can believe it---he requests to read!!  Bear just bought him a chapter book and this is a HUGE deal according to him!
Like we need a new hobby, but I am really thinking this one might be good for him.  It is fast paced, not team oriented (meaning he can't blame anyone else for his performance), and convenient.  Bear is teaching him in our neighborhood for now.  Come spring we will decide how serious he wants to be!
Just a funny---every Sunday before Church, she wants her pic taken.  I know I have said before, she loves Sunday school and especially the dressing up part!!