Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Walk, walk, walking!!!

Yes Kinson has given up his "paws" , as we affectionately call his LARGE hands, for the vertical world. He had been cruising and pushing his car for months. We tried alot of things and the best would be when we would hold food up to entice him to walk towards us and we would get about 6-10 steps and then he would scream for more food!

Well after the first of the year and a trip to the grocery store, he decide he had enough. We had the refridgerator door open and he just took off. Needless to say he has only gotten faster.

But it is the cutest little thing to watch because he has such short legs for his body. But nothing beats him meeting us at Kathy's with his open arms running to hug us!

Monday, January 14, 2008

It is a New year with all new things!!

First let me tell you about Christmas......

My nieces spent the night with us so we could have a big family Christmas. My mom drove GiGI came over to spread Christmas "spirits" (aka her appletini) on Christmas Eve and the girls fed the reindeer.

Christmas morning was crazy.....after we had to wake up he kids!! I don't think that I ever had to be woken up on Christmas morning, but the girls were still sleep at 7:30! But I absolutely loved it! Kinson wasn't too sure what was going on but i think he enjoyed it.

This was the tree after Santa came and before the kids got up.

Kinson loved the wrapping paper!!

This is Kinson at the end of the day taking all of his stuff to his room. He had had enough and didn't want to share!!

It truly was one of the best Christmas' that we have ever had. Yes it was chaotic...but I secretly think that I enjoy it!!