Sunday, September 26, 2010

New pictures

I love this little boy sooo much!  He is so the most passionate child ever.  He makes you feel exactly what he is feeling whenever he talks.  He is not a shy child AT ALL!!  He loves to meet new people and can carry on a conversation with a rock.  We weren't worried until teachers at his school, who have been teaching for years and have seen multilple children, began asking us questions regarding his nonstop conversational skills!! 
He has the most genuine affectionate personality.  However, he can not stand Cohen.  I really hope he starts to like her soon.  But I guess I never got along with my brothers until high school....let's hope it doesn't take that long!! He is NONSTOP at all times and leaves a lasing impression with everyone he meets!  He loves school, soccer, helping me with everything, shopping, trains, and swimming.

I also cant begin to tell you how much we love this little girl!  She is so inquisitive about everything, wantingt o learn it on her own.  She is very independent and don't even think about touching her when you put her to bed.  She is not a cuddler  Her laughs are growing more frequent daily and her vocal skills are expanding.  She can identify most of her body parts, 5 expression sounds, her classmates, and family by using her flashcards.  She can vocalize "mama", "papa", "up", "ball", and "snot".  The last one is due to her forever congestion problem she has :)  The teachers say that she is capable of saying more whenever she likes the incentive.  She definitely does things on her own time!

Cohen has surgery Thursday to repair and place another tube in the left ear (don't try and figure out what number this is!) and she had a sinus lavage (fancy word for a good cleaning out.)  She has been congested since July and been on and off antibiotics to attempt to clear up her sinuses and ears.  After the last resort in early September, surgery was decided.  She did great, but we were unable to get some tests run that her genetisist asked for, so we might have another procedure in the near future.  Her sinuses were cultured and we are waiting to hear the next step in making sure it does not get this bad again.
She is ready to head back to school tomorrow, I think she likes it.....ALOT!!!  She loves her homework and screams each night when it is over. 

This post is kind of random isn't it!?  I couldn't wait to put our the pictures we had made a few weekends ago.  Last year was the first time in 10 years that I did not send out Christmas cards and it was because I never got around to ordering pictures and having cards made.  This year I vowed to get it done early.  September seemed good enough for me!!  Don't worry I didn't put the best ones up yet, you will have to check the mailbox for those :)  If you are looking for a great photographer-- they are super nice and the best part is you get a CD with all your pictures and you do your own ordering. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One of my prouder moments as a Mom.....

We all know that our house is a "divided house" when it comes to College Football.  Bear graduated from MSU and USM, while I attended MC.  Bear will pull for his Bulldogs and Eagles no matter what, and well when you go to MC there is not a lot of things to do to be involved as we have gotten older. But I will definitely cheer for my Choctaws while given the chance.  So where does the LSU come in?  As far as I could remember my dad and I have cheered for LSU and Saints.  It has carried with me so I continue to cheer for our Tigers!!  The kids have had their fair share of college gear but this was the first year that Kinson is really getting into cheering.  He was soooo excited to watch "his tigers".  Since there are so many games on, Bear rigs up the living room to have 2 TVas well as the kitchen TV is usually playing a third game.  Kinson was in heaven having a TV that he could put his face within 2inches.      

Don't be fooled, he really on sat through a few minutes of the actual game, but he kept coming back to cheer on his Tigers.  GEAUX TIGERS!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I know I am always behind but it hasn't been but a few days since these pictures were taken, so that is pretty good for me.  Labor Day weekend was very busy for us.  On Saturday I worked to try and catch up some and on Sunday, Bear was given a few tickets to Blue Bayou in Baton Rouge so we decided we would try and fulfill Kinson's beach urge.  I have no pictures from the water park because I had it locked up in the locker the whole time because we were constantly in the water.  Needless to say Kinson LOVED it!! I had a few issues, the biggest was that they allowed smoking on the grounds and people were wearing waterproof pouches around their necks to keep their cigarettes dry!!!  The rest were minor so maybe we will go back again next year.
Labor Day we went and spent the afternoon at Uncle Robert's house.  My kids love, love seeing Uncle Robert and his family.  Kinson especially loves the trampoline.

Robert thought that puting soap on the trampoline would add to the fun, this is the product.....Soapy eyes!!!

She would not be left out :)