Monday, June 21, 2010

Just checking in!

Not sure why I feel the need to "check in", but yes we are still alive but as I said before "if it rains, it pours, well it still seems to be "sprinkling " at our house right now. The good news is the reason why we had been away, was because literally we went away-- to Virginia that is! My aunt and my 4 favorite cousins live there and the youngest, Stefani, was graduating high school so we traveled 15hours to see her and the family for 5 days. I think the storm cloud followed us because Bear and I caught a stomach bug on Friday, but at least we had a houseful of babysitters to watch the kids! We got in at 3:00am this morning so I am walking around like a zombie. More on the trip later with pictures...I know you can't wait :)

Short Cohen update: No hearing aids (hopefully this week), her left ear drum that was perforated, now healed up. Good right? Well now she is holding fluid behind the healed drum--- we are going to wait a bit before we decide if we want to do another surgery to put a tube in that ear--if it affects her hearing then we will do it sooner than later. Growth hormone shots started last week. It took a few days for me to get over the initial sticking her but each day it gets easier for me--she on the other hand screams the moment she sees the alcohol pads but it stops almost immediately after the shot. I think it is just the anticipation of it. Things are on track for her to start Magnolia in August, again we still don't know what we are going to do about school when the hearing aids actually get here. I keep ignoring this topic....think I am in denial about the actual transition part :)

Stay tuned-- lots to post about our trip and upcoming adventures!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Hearing Aids Yet.....

Sorry for the lack of updates-- if you understand the saying "When it rains, it pours." Well, it feels like we are under a severe thunderstorm warning here all the time. Enough of that, now on to updating about little CoCo. We still have to wait about 2 more weeks on the hearing aids, there was a delay on our insurance's end. We are almost certain that we will start Magnolia Speech School in August, she has been accepted and we are participating in some observation hours so we can understand exactly what Cohen's education will be like. Her first shipment of Growth Hormones arrived Friday and we are waiting for a nurse to come this week and demonstrate how to administer the injections. We are both very apprehensive with giving Cohen shots, but we know it is nescessary. And we are staring the Medicaid process all over, we had filed for the wrong thing--the one we knew that we would be denied but had to file before disability-- of course no one at the office told us, so now we are filing for Disabled Child living at home. Hopefully this will help as a secondary insurance for her medication. We have a few appointments over the next 2 weeks with ENT and Endocrinology. Will keep yall updated!!

Look at those cute little pigtails :)

Helen, GA

Oh my, has anybody ever been here?! It was like we went out of the country and just drove 6 hours! We laughed the entire trip there as we passed through various towns and we felt as we were traveling back in time. We went with our friends, the Wards, so that Bear, Jeremy, and Hunter could race in the Warrior Dash. This was a just a fun (and very MESSY) race. We stayed in this cute town that was made as a replica of a German town. All their restaraunts served German cuisine and there were plenty of Taverns to enjoy German beer. It was a cute little town to stay the night (I don't recommend any longer than that). It was very family, walking friendly and the kids loved it.

Ignore these people, I have no idea who they are :)

Warrior Dash 2010!

Sorry for the pictures being out of order...not sure what is going on with bogger! As you can see they really had lots of fun!

Yes, that was real fire that they had to jump over!!