Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soccer season Recap

We finished up soccer last weekend and I think Bear is most upset :(  He loves watching Kinson play and this season we could see a big improvement in his concept and abilities with the game.  He definitely still needs work on his attitude........

This was after his first goal and he was telling his teammates how the other team did not take the ball from him!

This is his friend who he tends to scuffle with quite often during soccer (but are good friends off the field), shaking hands after one of their spats!

Getting ready to kick off......

He still has his moments (yes, he is the one sitting on the ground when he should be listening to the coach!!)

Definitely better with "blocking" as he calls it

He gets so excited when he kicks the ball

Still working on the idea that we don't take it away from our own team ;)

Concentrating hard

Sweet, rambunctious little boys!  He loves his Rockets!!

30 months........

Can you believe she is 2 1/2?!?  Some days it feels like an eternity ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital only to return 2 weeks later and stay for what seemed like an eternity withj RSV!  And to think at that time, I thought it was the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to me as a parent-- having both my kids in the hospital...pitiful.  Little did I know what the next few years had in store for us.  This little girl has brought so much joy into our lives and has made us cherish the small milestones that tend to get over looked in the second child.  We have learned not to take her or her capabilities for granted.  Because of that, we are beyond thrilled at the progress she has made recently.
Stats according to the Endo visit:  32.5" tall (since October she has grown 1"), 25 lbs (the girl can eat anything in front of her!!), still in size 3 diapers, and she went clothes shopping this weekend and bought 18month shorts :).  Her height still isn't on the growth chart but her weight was 3-5%.  This is a first for her ;)

Recent vocabulary:  yewow(yellow), pupa (purple), ruh (truck), eeee(ear)--imagine a very funny face exagerating a long E sound!, baball (baseball), and tuh(Chuck) he is the maintenance man at her school and the only name that she will say there!!
She is starting to put 2 words combinations together.  Yellow hat, papa's truck, etc.  But she floored me Saturday when she came in my bedroom with her pant leg soaking wet.  I asked her how it got wet and she looked at me and said "Pan, dog, eeee, wawa."  this translates into pants, dog, eat, water and meant she got her pants wet stepping in the dog's water bowl!!  And sure enough, she had spilled Addy's water bowl all over the kitchen floor and we sure couldn't be mad at her after that!

Speaking of her discipline, I met with her teachers this week who expressed a little concern about Cohen starting to test the boundaries with different people.  I told them that we were definitely lacking in the discipline department mainly because we felt guilty that she has been through so much and we tend to just let her be.  So we are starting to have to add a few timeouts here and there to give her some boundaries!

We love our little Coco soo much and even Kinson is starting to like her a tiny bit :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun weekend

Today we took the kids to Kidfest in Ridgeland to ride a few rides and see Dora.  We were very surprised that Cohen was so excited to see Dora because she is usually so shy around new people (this has began to change recently).  Not only was she wanting to see them but she actually waved and attempted to say "Hey!".  BIG DEAL!!

Kinson loves a good pony ride!

This is how Cohen sat during the carousel ride!  HA!  She wasn't the daredevil that she appears to be!

She loves the baby billy goat!

Making crowns

She LOVES Yellow!

Showing off his Batman tatoo.  This caused a huge uproar at bathtime :)

On her big green tractor!

Overall it was great fun for the kids, but Kinson did have a few moments that required a few "coming to Jesus" chats and Bear is slowly realizing that Cohen still is not quite ready for Disney!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Children's Museum

Last week, Magnolia took a field trip to the new Children's Museum.  We were so fortunate that we got the whole facility to ourselves for 2 hours!!  Even with us being the only ones there (which is 77 kids and 77 adults!) it was still chaotic.  But the kids had a blast and it really is a great facility.

Washing her saw...

Building her house

Court sawing the bricks!

She loved this house!

Petting the cow.  She didn't really understand the milking part!
Yes, her shirt is tied up in the back, the smallest size they have is 2T and it swallows her!  Good thing the 80's are making a come back!

Cohen, Court, and Selasie driving the tractor

Cohen and Court building their train

Isn't he the cutest thing?!  I think Cohen has a little crush on him ;)

This is Cohen's class "cooking" in the kitchen.  Can't find Cohen?  She is climbing in through the window!!

Cohen and Selasie are worn out!!

She wouldn't sit by her name :(

But Court would!

Tomorrow, if the weather permits, we will be venturing out to the zoo with Magnolia!  We are excited!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!!

Spring time is here and we are in full swing with soccer and tball.  This is Kinson's first season to play tball.  It started out a little rough--Kinson is not a fan of batting helmets (plus he has a HUGE head!!), he is not a fan of authority (i.e. coaches!), and he is not a fan of standing in one spot for longer than 30seconds!!And we still thought that this might be a good idea.  The first game was DISASTER!!  I forgot my memory card in my camera plus my other child was running around eating french fries that kids were dropping under the bleachers, so no pictures :(  It ended in Kinson back talking the coach and being put in the dugout-- needless to say Bear said he wasn't coming back to another game.  Well after having to call coaches and apologize and having his Wii taken away for the next few days, Kinson decided it was a better idea to at least try and listen.  So this is game #2........

Kinson does great hitting and running the bases-- Not to mention he has a pretty cute coach :)

I was never a softball player but I might agree with Kinson that playing in the field can get kind of boring.  Especially this age, the ball goes about 20ft from the plate.  He got to play pitcher for an inning, he did much better being part of the action! Ha!

Coach Tye trying to get Kinson to be ready for the ball and pay attention.

Running home.  Loving that he sticks his tongue out!!

These games are so cute to watch and it really brings tears to my eyes to watch them play.  They are so excited to hit the ball and run the bases.  This year the league allowed 3 year olds to play so Kinson is not actually the youngest or smallest.  It is amazing how early they are starting kids in sports now.  It seems if you wait until 5 or 6, then the kids are already behind.  So we will see how the next few weeks go!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Endo, Neuro, ENT....Oh my!

Thank you, thank you for all of those who were thinking about us today!  I can tell that it definitely helped!  We LOVED the dr we saw today and got a few explanations from Dr Carron about some other stuff.
From this point on the post is a bunch of medical jargon and can put you to sleep ;)  Will update later with what you really come to see, pictures of my sweet babies.  We went on a field trip to the Children's Museum and I need to ask you moms some discipline questions.  I have a charming 4 year old little boy who has a problem with talking back and a potty mouth!  Anyway.........

Let me back up 2 weeks to get you up to speed.  Cohen went for her regularly scheduled hearing evaluation done at Magnolia in their sound booth.  They were only able to test one ear (her right ear) because her left ear was already healed from the perferation and had filled with fluid. A little disappointment there, but it was expected but again we hoped it would have been later.  Anyway, she did FANTASTIC in the booth.  Her hearing loss in her right ear showed significant improvement.  We knew this was a possibility due to the type of hearing loss associated with thyroid disorders can fluctuate.  We never wanted to get our hopes up because there is also the possibility for it to deteriorate.  So they adjusted her hearing aid to accomodate her new levels and Cohen did not like it!  She thought the batteries were dead and kept taking them off.  It took a few days to get adjusted but she is wearing them fine now.
Later that afternoon, we met with Cohen's new endocrinologist.  I am not going to go on a long rant (that is part of the reason I have waited 2 weeks to update, I needed to think it through) but I will say that my first impression was not great.  Every Dr is entitled to there views and opinions but it is the way it comes across that has the most impact.  This Dr did not agree with the plan that Dr Bastian had laid out for us and because she is the dr writing the scripts, we had no choice but to concede.  Cohen is taking a 4 month hiatus from her growth hormomes to see if they are necessary or if her levels drop.  Her size has always been secondary to us, her development has been the priority.  I was ok with this but the dr was too busy defending her opinion that i don't think she ever heard me say that we would give it a shot.  After that she tried to wrap up the appt with never addressing her thyroid or developmental status.  I attempted to bring it up and she kind of blew it off and never addressed her cognitive development.  Needless to say, I left very discouraged.  It was more due to the fact I have seen how far she has come in the 2 years that we have regulated her thyroid function so closely.  This dr was not there to see her when she had no personality and would not respond to us.  We drew a few labs and out the door we went only to return 4 MONTHS later.  Yes, Cohen who has had labs drawn every 4-6 weeks since she was 6 months old, will not be checcked for 4 MONTHS!  I. am. TERRIFIED.
Fast forward until today.  I might have been crazy when I scheduled this but Cohen had 2 appts today-- Neuro and ENT.  We met with Dr Evans in the Neuro department today.  LOVED him!!  He was very thorough and asked for all of my concerns.  As he evaluated her he said his thought process outloud. He would tell me what he was checking for and then tell me why it was or was not indicative of anything.  Final thoughts were that Cohen has oral motor apraxia complicated by her other diagnosis.  Her enlarged tongue that she has had since birth should have demonstrated more control after this long of a timeframe.  It is not as prominent as in the past but it does still protrude and until he demonstrated it for me, it does not move side to side as in needed to clean out her cheeks.  Apraxia is a form of coordination. Technically it is a deficit in the ability to plan motor movements for speech and oral function.  Children who have apraxia very in severity.  Cohen's is complicated by her developmental delays as well as her hearing impairment.  He was very upfront with me, stating that Cohen missed very important key years that are needed when developing language.  Her prognosis is still unknown but he stated that there was nothing he could add to her current plan of care.  Overall, it was a great appointment.  It clarified her diagnosis and it just put my mind at ease that nothing else is indicated at this time. 
Now on to ENT.  Dr Carron is a close second when we talk about our favorite drs (Dr Flowers is our FAVORITE!!).  We went in hand with our audiograms and were ready for his opinion.  Another dr had question whether or not Cohen had Conductive hearing loss (associated with fluid) or Sensori-Neural (actual assiciated withthe structure of the ear). After reviewing her latest CT, he still is confident that Cohen has sensori-neural hearing loss.  He did say that there can be fluctuations with this kind of hearing loss even if not associated with thyroid disorders.  He did still see the fluid behing the left ear drum but it did not appear infected so we will wait to see her body can reabsorb the fluid.  If not, another tube might be in the future.  Her sinus surgery did fabulous until the last few days, so we are getting back on a Bactroban nasal spray to get us through the spring season to see if that will keep her clear.  But it still soooo much better than before.  Cohen always does so well for him.  She is so grown up when she gets in the exam chair.  She takes off her hearing aids, turn her head to each ear, and never fusses.  I guess she gets her ears checked daily at school, so to her it is no big deal!

I know all of this is boring to most but it is my journal for when I can't remember how far Cohen has come.  So after 3 appts, nothing has really changed.  We are going to have her hearing tested every 2 months until it stabilizes again and Cohen get s to go 4 months with no shots!!  I know she is happy about it :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick request

I have a lot about Cohen to update everyone on but wanted to wait until we saw all the drs before I did.  Please say a quick prayer for Cohen's doctors tomorrow as we meet again with our beloved ENT and a new Neurologist (our old one left).  All we hope for, is that they all get on the same page with her care.  We had a very discouraging/conflicting visit 2 weeks ago that I am still trying to sort out how 2 doctors can think so differently.  So any type of cohesiveness would be welcome right about now!!

Happy Birthday, Bear!!

Papa's Birthday was last Monday and I am just now getting to it!  That is about the way I feel right now, always having to play catch up. 

The kids have so much going on right now and we had been at St. Paddy's Day parade the weekend before and we are going to the Golden Moon next weekend, that we decided to have a real low key birthday this year.  Bear had his usual one request, a cookie cake.  I even slacked with that.  We bought it at Kroger and decorated it ourselves!!  I could never arrange a time for me to go to the mall ALONE and pick up a cake :(  He also had one other request.  When we first met, he always talked about eating at Outback.  Bleh!!  I do not care for Outback. If I could choose, there are 50 restaraunts I would choose before I chose Outback.  But because I was failing miserably all the way with his birthday, I agreed to have dinner there just the two of us.  So we went Friday night, the food was okay but Bear was in heaven with his Alice Springs Chicken (I think there are about 15000 calories in that !!)  I hope that satisfied him for the next 8 years!!  We had soccer games that weekend and on Sunday we went to see Mickey's Magic Show at the coliseum.  Bear is now in love with all things Disney and is constantly planning our next trip.  Kinson loved the show and Cohen, well.......she loved the food!!  She ate and ate and ate, it was the only way to keep her contained!!  Bear seemed to enjoy his birthday weekend, we think ;)

But we do love our Papa Bear so much and hope he had a fantastic birthday!!