Thursday, October 23, 2008


Cohen Marie Smith, born Sunday, October 19, 2008. She weighed 7lbs, 10oz, 19.5" long.

This is the oh-so-excited "Big Brother!" He really hasn't got all into anything other than pointing and saying "Baby" but that is better than being mad!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nothing new going on

Well here it is OCTOBER, the month we have been waiting on and didnt think we would make it to. And guess what, Cohen is at a stand still! I have been dilated 3 cm the last week and half and got off the medicine last week and NOTHING!! No more contractions, pain, nothing! My dr is out of town so I am seeing the nurse practitioner and I was really hoping that I would make enough progress to make her schedule my section earlier with another dr! But now Cohen has gotten comfortable and wants to hang out! I go back Monday hoping to hear some progress has been made if not we have scheduled the C-section for October 22 (yes it changed) at 7:00am!

If you can believe it things with Kinson has calmed down a bit too, of course we have been on medicine until anyday now we will be back at the dr! He has been getting in a little trouble at school, he has started wrestling and pinning down the other kids in his class. He is not trying to hurt them, he thinks it is hilarious. Just Monday he started pinning them down and KISSING them! He is starting young!

I never update yall on Bear, but he does have some exciting news....he has signed up for The Mississippi Blues Half-Marathon in January. He is very excited as well as the rest of us as we support him through his training. He is very dedicated so we know he will finish without a problem! Good Luck Papa!