Sunday, June 17, 2012

He thought about it for awhile.......

Kinson is my "thinker."  He is always inquisitive and curious and it isn't uncommon for him to come back a few minutes, hours, or even days later after he has thought about something to ask more questions.  Well we all know that kids say the darndest things and mine are no exception.

Bear has been out of town for some training so I have been pulling double time keeping the kids where they need to be and my work squeezed in when I can!  So our mornings have been kind of rushed.  Well, Kinson was drinking his morning glass of chocolate milk and his straw bumped his tooth.  He got all excited and started yelling. "my tooth is loose!."  Sure enough, it wiggled the tiniest bit.  He asked me to go ahead and pull it right then.  I explained to him that it is just a little loose and over the next few weeks it will get looser and then we will pull it.  He was disappointed because he said he wanted the tooth fairy to come and bring him the gold coin (a kid at school told him everyone gets a gold coin-- this will be dealt with at a later time!).  About 30minutes later after getting dressed, brushing teeth, and packing lunches we finally load up in the car and he comes out of nowhere and says, "Momma, I want you get to your arm back."  I tell him that he really doesn't need to feel that way, the angels are taking care of it and Momma is doing fine without it.  I can see the wheels turning, so I ask him what made him think of that this morning. Finally he announced, "I don't want to lose my tooth.  You lost your arm it didn't come back, so I will just keep my teeth!!"  Poor baby, he was distraught over thinking he was going to be toothless!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Sweet boy graduated from Hope Learning Center at the end of May!!  I can't believe he will be in "Big Kid" school in the fall........

 Kinson calls these boys his "Best Buddies!"  They have been together the last few years and are inseparable.
 He had a speaking part as Squire Square and I was soo proud that he remembered all of his lines!!
 The Best Buddies were definitely the highlight of the performance :)

 A few attempts to get 4 rowdy, rambunctious boys looking for a picture.........

A diploma makes it official!!
Sweet Mrs. Josie!!  Kinson really loved her and was sad for the year to end!

Kinson was in a class of 16 and none of which were going to be going to Northshore next year.  So after weighing our options, we enrolled Kinson inOakdale Baptist Church Summer Camp hoping to meet a few kids that might enter kindergarten with him.  He will also be going here after school next year so it also got him familiar with things before school started.  So far he has LOVED it!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Magnolia Speech Sprint 2012

Cohen's Crew made an appearance again this year at the Magnolia Speech Sprint.  This is a great little fundraiser for the school that everybody can get involved in.  We have several friends who ran with us and some who just donated money to the great cause.
Bear and some other family and friends ran the race (I was planning on it but I was caught up helping at the registration table because we were so busy!!)
 Here Cohen is cheering on her crew!!  She HATES the sunshine so we had to bring the tailgating tent and multiple pairs of sunglasses to accommodate for her!
 I think the Kid's Fun Run was more serious than the big race!  Kinson, my nephew Graham, and my niece Mackenzie getting ready to start!
 A little out or order-- here they are waiting to see who placed!
 Here Kinson is cheering for Cohen to the finish!
 Barely broke a sweat!  The fun run was 1/2 mile that Kinson finished in 4 minutes!!  Well....Cohen decided after 1 lap that took 11 minutes, she would call it quits!!
 Graham finished in FIRST place overall!!  So proud of him!!
Kinson finished 3rd in the Boys and he is mad in this picture because Graham's trophy is bigger :)
This sweet lady here has been our Saving Grace this year!  Cheree is Cohen's teacher that has just brought out the sweetest voice that we thought we might never hear.  Cohen has blossomed with her help and we couldn't be more thankful for the hard work and faith she has put in her!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another season in the books!!

Another baseball season has ended but as always it was eventful :)  We were excited to get to reunite with a sweet friend, Barron, who was in Kinson's class 2 years ago.  They are so much alike!!  They usually have so many ways to entertain themselves in the outfield and the dugout, and most do not involve actually playing baseball! 
 They look like they are paying so much attention!!
 End of the year party-- getting his trophy from Coach Todd!

Such a fun and rowdy group of kids-- we were missing a few and one left the party early because he fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm!!!  Next year the kids will get "evaluated" and then drafted by the coaches, so we don't know if we will be with many of our friends.  GO DRAGONS!!