Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Where has December gone?

This month has flown by. We have been so busy! Here are some things that we have done:

We went and saw the lights in Canton. We thought that Kinson would love it but of course it was not so much fun. It was past his bedtime and FREEZING!! And Mommy thought that it would be fun for him to ride the carousel and again..WRONG!! Maybe next year.....

My niece, Taylor, had a show choir performance. It was lots of fun to do hair and makeup and get her all dressed up. It is definitely a sight to see as I try to dry and put rollers in her hair. Maybe that is why I have been blessed with a little boy so I can have a little more time before I need all those skills!

Taylor did great and she definitely did not inherit Aunt Brandy's singing voice!!

My next great idea was to go and meet Santa. Where we live is very catering to kids and we love it. They planned a night where the whole neighborhood put up luminaries and Rudolph rode around in a convertible and Santa showed up on a firetruck. Then the plan is to go to the clubhouse have cookies and get pics made. Well as you can clearly see Kinson was not having any of it. He had been grumpy beforehand and the Santa wasn't the greatest. Well maybe next year.....

We also went to my best friend Leann and her new hubby's wedding (Congratulations!!!) and of course we had tons of Christmas plans! More of that to come later.....stay tuned!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Hair Days!

Well, I should have realized it in the hospital when I woke up from being put to sleep for my C-section and Bear's first words to me were "Wait until you see his hair!" Kinson was born with the kinkiest black hair.

Then after a few weeks and to my relief, he lost all of that hair and it actually came back lighter and STRAIGHTER!!!

Well 10 months have gone by now and it is official.....he inherited the curly hair. Maybe it is the December that is 80 degrees and 90% humidity, but his days of "good hair days" are over. This is what he looked like Saturday morning!!