Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kinson turned 2!!

Can you believe my little boy turned 2?! He had a great Train Depot birthday party, even though he hated the train. I am still getting all the pictures together and edited so I will post those soon.

Kinson woke up to Birthday pancakes and then we spent the WHOLE day at the drs!! It was supposed to be his 2 year check-up, but oh boy did it go bad! It was a BIG red flag when they measured him: 32in, 27 lbs (3rd percentile, and 10th percentile). Yes he might be small but that was not the concern, here it is.. 1 year stats: 31.5in, 26lbs. He has not grown in a WHOLE year. So off to have growth plate xrays done, the baptist hospital to have blood drawn because his veins are like his mommy's and do not cooperate, and then the sent home equipment for him to "pee in a cup"...yeah right! So far everything has turned out to be negative as far as growth hormone deficiencies so he is labeled as "constitutional growth delay." Meaning hopefully he will wake up one morning and be 6 inches taller! Really the drs are going to watch him over the next 6months and if no more growth then send us to an endocronologist to do further testing. We are hoping that it is due to his rough year this past year with one illness after another and his body has only focused on recovering.

4 months already!!

Yep that's right, Cohen turned 4 months old Thursday. So what does she get as a present, the same thing every 4 month old gets, a trip to see Dr. Flowers! She had to go for her well baby check up and vaccinations. That little girl is such a trooper! She took all 3 shots and cried maybe 3 seconds and that was it! She still is on the "tiny" side, weighing in 12lbs, 4oz (5th percentile) and 23in long (10th percentile). Dr Flowers is not worried as long as she continues to grow and doesn't fall off the charts.

Now for the not-so-good part. Cohen has always been a little "delayed" due to her early hospitalization and illness, but she seems to have caught up and surpassed as far as communication, smiling, cooing, mimicing, etc. But physically something just hasnt been quite right. Bear thinks I am crazy and am always diagnosing people especially my children and myself with off the wall syndromes, illnesses, etc. Well this time I proved to be right. Cohen had been holding her head up for awhile but I kept saying she would only look one way and always have her head tilted. So I took pictures of her to show him how bad it really was. So at the check up I didnt bring it up hoping Dr. Flowers would notice, and HE DID!! Cohen has what they call Congenital Torticollis (shortening of the sternomastoid muscle). It is treated by Physical Therapy (this will be done by a Pediatric PT, nothing done by me--I work with old people for a reason!!) and usually can be corrected. She also had mild hip dysplasia, they are usually assiciated with each other. So we start Tuesday morning, so I will keep everyone updated!!

Here are a feww pictures so you can get the idea of what her neck is doing: