Sunday, April 21, 2013

The fun stuff

I know we have a lot of things going on at our house right now--Don't we all!!-  but we do have a lot of fun times too! 
2 of my besties from way back getting ready for the Color Me Rad race.  It benefited Batson Children Hospital, which has been a vital part of Cohen's diagnosis and interventions, so we were glad to participate!!
Not to mention it was lots of fun to get all messy too :)

Hanging out with the best friend Carson at the bowling alley.  Note to self:  6 year olds can be very competitive!!

Easter morning before church.  Can't believe they actually touched each other!!

Cohen had had enough at this point!!  (Please diregard the dead plant on the porch!!  It has since been replaced :))

He will absolutely kill me one day for this picture!!  But this is my child's personality captured!!  He is so full of life and wants everyone around him to know exactly what he is feeling-- good or bad-- and just be part of it with him!  This is him singing some Luke Bryan before bedtime!!

Now she is Miss Prim and Proper when it comes to her dance style!!

Working out with me!  She is doing her reverse lunges and watching Shaun-T and his "clean belly" as she calls it!!

She requested her picture to be taken before school one morning.  She is getting to be such a ham when it comes to pictures.  She SCREAMS "Cheeeeeeeese!!" at the top of her lungs when she wants her picture taken :)

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