Wednesday, May 1, 2013


These are the sweet faces sending me encouragement Wednesday during my long day of tests.  The tests weren't that bad but it was a long day of no food or caffeine and that led to grumpiness and headaches.  We got to meet with Dr Fayad on Thursday for the results.  We got to speak with a intern first who explained what has been going on better than we had been in the past.  Basically, they were able to cut my tiny little lymphnode into 100 sections to make slides.  In those slides, there was 1 lymphoma cell.  Yes, just 1!!  He went on to explain that this is not the typical way that malignant cells present, cancer cells are usually found in pairs.  So this in itself is an anomaly and the reason for the "in situ" part of the diagnosis.  And again, this was only 1 lymphnode so this might not be the actual case in all the rest of them.  But The good news is that in the last 4 months, my reactive lymphnodes were still there but SMALLER!!  At this point, there isn't a lymphnode that is available to biopsy-- no surgery next month!!  Dr Fayad is comfortable with me being seen at UMC every few months with a scan in 6 months that he will review and unless something comes up, not returning to Houston for a year.  So many prayers have been answered and although nothing is resolved, our situation has gotten so much more better and tolerable.  
We are so excited by this news.  I still meet with my drs at UMC next week for their opinions and if they agree with his plan.  I know it is still the "watch and wait" protocol and at first I was apprehensive about waiting so long but I am becoming more at ease with this approach.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  I finally feel like we can plan ahead for the summer.  I have been saving all my PTO hours for dr appointments and possible surgeries.  I will be so excited to have a day off that involves some fun!!  I know that so many have been praying for us and I truly feel them all.  God has blessed me in so many ways and shown Himself to us constantly throughout this.  There have been many hard moments but honestly I can count a few more good moments that might not have otherwise happened.  I am meeting with Dr Ahmad Monday and Dr Elkins the following Monday an will be sure to keep everyone up to date :)

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