Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chat with Kinson

Kinson has zero filter when it comes to speaking his mind.  And lately, we haven't been able to keep a straight face when we are talking to him!  Kinson has been seeing a therapist (long story for another time) for the last few months and he has really enjoyed 1 whole hour of non-stop talking and attention each session.  I get to sit in there and listen as they "talk" while they are playing, this gives me an opportunity to learn how to facilitate some modifications and coping skills she is assisting us learn.  Kinson is very comfortable with her and again, speaks whatever comes to his mind.  Here are a few sneaks:

Mrs. L:  Kinson, when we get mad or frustrated we don't need to kick and scream and throw a fit.  We need to use our words
Kinson:  I know, I know.  You mean like say sh*t!!

Kinson was grabbing himself a few times throughout the session.
Mrs L:  Kinson, do you need go to the restroom?
Kinson:  No, my papa says its ok to grab my pee-pee and move it around.  Sometimes you just got to do it to make it feel better.

Mrs. L:  Sometimes we need to try and be brave.
Kinson:  What's brave mean?
Mrs. L:  Braves means doing something even though you are scared to do it.
Kinson:  Oh, you mean like last night when I was afraid to draw on the bar stool with the sharpie because I was afraid I would get in trouble, but I did it anyway!  That was me being brave!!

Here is just another little funny!  Kinson photo bombed Cohen's dance pics :)  

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