Friday, May 23, 2008

Boy was I wrong!

I would have bet money that I knew exactly what gender baby was developing inside of me and I was already calling the baby a "he." Well I guess I was WRONG!! We are definitely having a GIRL!!! Bear couldn't be more excited that he will get a daddy's little girl. I think that I was in shock that I was wrong but I am definitely excited. I have walked through many of stores longing to walk over to the soo soo cute girls clothes and have someone to buy for, and now I get to. Watch out!!


There are times when I definitely wish that I would have picked a different profession since becoming a mommy because I feel like I know way too much about development and milestones and disorders, etc. (Seriously though I absolutely LOVE my job!!) You name it and I will analyze Kinson in everyway. So lately it has been language and oral development. We all know that boys are slower in language than girls, but it seemed as though Kinson was further behind than normal. The only thing he would say was "iga", which is Tiger. But he is very receptive and will run to whatever we say or ask him if he wants anything. Well this past weekend he learned 2 new words!!! He would throw his sippy cup down and look at me and say "Uh-Oh!" over and over again. Everything he did, fall down, the cat went under the bed, it was "uh-oh!"

Then of course our next word would be to call his "best friend." From the day that he could see 5 feet in front of him he has been fixated with her. So it is only appropriate that he say "dog" next!! As much as me and Sunny don't get along, she has been the best friend my child has had. She is very playful and protective of him. They could spend hours chasing each other around the living room. This is Kinson and his best friend!!


As some of you know, my child has become the PICKIEST eater and it is so difficult. When I say picky I don't mean a few dislikes here and there....he will only eat grilled cheese, english peas, and applesauce. Well the dr says not to worry because at least he is eating a fruit and veggie. Well this past weekend I was tired of watching him eat the same thing and wanted to eat as a family, meaning the same meal. So Friday as I was cooking spaghetti sauce, i put some on a spoon straight from the pot and let him try it. It took a moment and then he was pulling on my legs for more. So we put him in the high chair with us and started slowly with just sauce and would add a noodle here and there. By the end of the meal he decided he could feed himself much better without us.....this is the finale!!!

Needless to say he went straight to the bath after this!! He actually ate this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! (and his reflux didn't act up)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks Granddaddy!

Kinson has loved outside so much that we figured it was time to invest in some of our own "playground" equipment. Well Bear's dad offered to gift some to Kinson. Here are some pictures of the boys putting it together:

Kinson absolutely loves it! He has figured out how to climb up the ladder on his own, but not quite sure about getting down the slide feet first...he tries to go down head-first!