Sunday, January 5, 2014

Papa killed Rudolph!!

December came fast and furious here!  I am so sad to see the break end and the craziness start back this week :(  I don't have a ton of pics from Christmas-- just never got into it-- I know I will regret it later.  But here are a few that we did take.
While I was out of town, Bear took the kids up to the neighborhood clubhouse to meet Santa.  
Kinson was so shocked that he couldn't remember what he asked for on his list.
On their way home from the gathering, Bear needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store and not 100yds out of the neighborhood, a deer ran out in front of him!  Both the kids were with him but luckily they were all ok.  However, Kinson got real upset since Santa was so close that it might have been one of his reindeers---Rusolph in particular!!  Now everytime we stop, Cohen asks, "Did we just hit a deer?"  
Kinson's class Christmas party!!
Cohen as a cow in Magnolia's Christmas Program-- "Big Story."
She did her part so well and for the first time, she actually sang with the group!!
Still working on that smile :)
Her whole group were the animals in the stable where Jesus was born.  They were all adorable.  We have gotten to see all these kids over the last few years make tremendous progress and I feel like they are all my own and get so emotional during her programs.  
We did complete a BIG project in our house over the last 10 weeks-- we completely remodeled our kitchen!!  Hopefully I can get the before and after pics off my camera and post them soon.

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