Friday, January 24, 2014

Kimberly 33, Memphis, TN

I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show us your Life to introduce one of my bestest friends, Kimberly!
Here is what I want you to know about my friend, Kimberly:

Kimberly is one of the kindest, most caring, and hands down, most loyal friends that I have.  Between this and our annual Girls Beach Trip with our other 7 besties, is why we have been able to maintain our great 20 year friendship after she moved 4 hours away to pursue a wonderful career in Memphis, TN.  Originally from Jackson, MS, Kimberly is a hard worker but still knows how to have fun and make time for her friends and family.  She enjoys traveling, music, reading, exercising, and all types of sporting events. She is very active in her church and volunteers with the youth.  

Kimberly is a strong, Christian woman who deserves a strong, Christian guy who will appreciate how sweet and special she is and treat her with the same kindness she treats others.  In her words, "a guy who loves Jesus, first and foremost, is honest and has integrity, has a serious side but a good sense of humor, wants a family, enjoys sports, and is ambitious."
She is a girl worth getting to know :) 

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Daniel said...

Though I am from the Jackson, MS area, I really enjoyed your friend's write up and would be interested in in getting to know more about your friend Kimberly. If you want, you can reach me at