Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where did my sweet baby go?

Cohen has always been our "easy" child.  Yes, I know that she is involved but she has always been a very good listener and followed the rules.  Things are changing quickly.  At first we thought it was some frustration in communication because we are constantly having to remind her to "use her words."  But now I am thinking that this is typical kid behaviors and for that reason (and that reason only) can i be thankful for these behaviors!!
Thanksgiving night after she was put to bed Cohen decided to express her artistic side.  The funny thing is, it took my half a day Friday before I realized what she did.  She came downstairs Friday morning with marker all over her hands and face---which isn't all that unusual :)-- and when asked what she did, she said, "I don't know!"  That little stinker did know!!
Thankfully, the magic eraser took care of it!
Mrs Amanda's class put on a performance of the "First Thanksgiving" the week before Thanksgiving and Cohen was the perfect "Dancing Feather."  
Squanto and his Indian tribe
The friendly neighbor helping the Pilgrims!!

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