Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am married to a.........

Bear PASSED his test!!! We found out Wednesday afternoon ,the same day that we were trying to absorb all the news about Cohen and process our thoughts. God knows how much we can handle and just as we felt like we couldn't take anymore added to us, He takes a HUGE weight off of us.
In August 2004, Bear decided to take a big risk and quit his job and go back to school to pursue an Accounting degree. He never knew that over the next 6 years he would get married, sell his bachelor pad, buy a new house, have 2 kids, change jobs, and have to study for a test that through all this seemed impossible. I can not begin to say how proud I am of Bear. There were many times that it was difficult and balancing life at home and work was not easy. There were many oppurtunities for him to quit and accept jobs that did not require a CPA license. But he persevered and all of his hard work has paid off. Too bad it is tax season and we don't get to thoroughly enjoy and celebrate this accomplishment. Come the first weekend following April 15 we will not know what to with ourselves and all of our extra time!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a long week and another long week ahead........

This week we had a few important appointments that we had been anticipating. On Wednesday, Cohen went and saw the ped endocrinologist to review some labwork we had done 2 weeks ago. At Kinson's 3 year check up, Dr Flowers had gone over her results with me so I would be prepared when we got there. We had her IGF-1 retested (her first test was at 12months old and we wereunable to get an exact number-we just knew it was low) and this time we were able to get the exact number read which was 29. Normal is 99-599. So this just confirmed what we were already preparing ourselves for, that Cohen is growth hormone deficient. The endo went into a little more details about the exact meaning and the further tests required to get more exact deficits and what the future might hold. These specialists do not beat around the bush--they tell you the good, bad, and the ugly upfront. Which at times can lead me to a lot of wasted time worrying, but it also gives me time to prepare for what is ahead. We do know that we are about to fight with insurance companies regarding the high cost of growth hormone treatment and also we have found out recently how screwed up the state and federal assistance programs are. As we speak we are in the 60 day waiting period just to be denied (which we knew from the beginning we would be denied but you HAVE to be denied to move to the next step) only to then file for children at home with disability and wait 5-7 MONTHS before we can have our interview to see if she would qualify. Hmmmm, wonder how many other children could be helped if we didn't have to pay people to do all these unneccessary steps when it is clearly outlined what will qualify?!

Next day, Thursday, we met with the great team at Magnolia Speech School. Yes, I am an OT and yes they taught us about all these great techniques and theories about teaching and environments for children but then I graduated and stepped into the real therapy world where patients aren't as textbook and the necessary equipment is not always available. But this place did not dissappoint. It was like walking into the Therapy Oz!! Everyone was so nice and all the mothers knew each other and the classrooms were decorated wonderfully and there was every imaginable device and learning tool ever needed in those rooms. If it is determined that Cohen will have to attend scholl here in the future, I will NOT be upset one bit!
But Cohen had different agenda that day, she was not there to impress anybody! We were there to meet with the audiologist and ST. They put us in this little soundproof room, where Cohen would have to look in the direction she would hear sound coming from. She cooperated for about 2-3 minutes and then she had enough. Then they decided to test each individual ear using earbuds---not going to happen! Cohen's ear canals are micro size so the ear buds didnt fit and she wasnt going to leave them in anyway. They suggested that we have a more definitive test at UMC where she can be sedated. Then we met with the ST who just performed a few standardized tests to be put in her file and Cohen's current speech therapist will do these periodically to see if she continues to fall further from her age group, maintains, or improves. This will help them as she ages to determine if she will be a candidate for enrollment as a student at Magnolia. They dont accept children until close to their 3rd birthday unless you are deaf and they take children as soon as they are walking. We know Cohen is not deaf, but they still are not sure exactly what and how clearly she hears.

But if you have a small moment Wednesday morning say a little prayer for Cohen. We are going to the hospital to have another test performed that requires her to fast 12 hours prior, have a medicine administered through an IV, and then have her blood drawn every 30 minutes for the next 2-4 hours depending the results---all in this time period she can not eat. This test will help to determine the function of her pituitary gland and what the next step will be in achieving the eact diagnosis and regimine needed. I will update as soon as we get results.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What do all of these have in common?

This is what I gave up for Lent! All fast FOODS!! I emphasize food because I still have to stop frequently and get my unsweet tea from Sonic! I really was a big fast food eater in college when me and my roomates were poor and lived off the Wendy's $0.99 menu or the late night run to Krystal's on our way home from the Dock. Things changed after my accident and I really got back into working out and living a more healthy lifestyle. Then kids came into my life---fast food really does make life a little more easier when I pick them up from school at 5:30 and I would like them in bed by 7:00! And it even got worse over the last few months as I drive between a few jobs and some days on the road at lunchtime and then again at dinnertime (I could never have a job that required me to drive everyday--I would be big as a house!!)
So over the next 40 days I will attempt to refrain from this now too frequent habit. I mean, how hard can this really be?.......... What have I gotten myself into?!!
After previweing this post, I feel like I need to give a disclaimer--don't think that I feed my kids bad--Kinson still has a limited diet and as far as fast food goes only contains Wendy's chicken nuggets. And on a really grumpy day, he only wants the round shaped nuggets--not that odd looking one!
So 5 days down, only 35 to go!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Future occupation???

The Maurers gave this present to Kinson for his birthday and he loves it! His Papaw will be so proud to see him being a handyman! Maybe one day, Kinson can help his momma out and do my list of chores so I can quit calling Papaw to do them!

Everyone else did it, so I guess I should too....

Only I am about a week late!!

I can't believe that my 3 year old has seen as much snow already as I did in 22 years! I don't think I knew snow existed until I went to work at a Young Life ski camp my Freshman year in college! Too bad that I had to work that day, I heard that he had tons of fun. These are a few pictures I took at 7:00 before I left....yes Kinson was up at 6:00 ready to go outside!!

No so respectable snowman is complete without his Cowboy hat!

I think that Bear had more fun that Kinson did!

Poor Addy, the snow buried his legs but he had the best time too! He ran circles in the snow over and over!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where has the time gone?

My baby boy is 3 years old! Friday, February 5, Kinson turned 3!!! Isn't he just the most mischievous looking thing?! These last few weeks have been the most fun times, EVER!
I really think this has been my favorite age so far. We can have "real" conversations, he can reason, we can negotiate (he usually wins), and we just laugh at each other!
After last year's terrible 2nd birthday I learned 2 things: 1. Don't schedule 3 year old check-up on his birthday 2. Don't have another party at the house
So we had a great birthday party at Pump It Up Saturday. He loved every part of it, except when they sang Happy Birthday to him. But he acted great and had the best time! (more pictures of that to come...)
As far as the check up goes, we went on Wednesday and unlike last year everything checked out great. But parents beware of the 3 year old check-up! It entails peeing in a cup, weight, height, blood pressure, and a finger stick. I was prepared for peeing in a cup, he did good with the peeing part but was screaming at me to "pour it out!" He did not want me to give it to Ms Sandra in the lab! He has never done well getting weighed or height, but we got close to assuming he weighs 34# and 38" tall. That is a HUGE growth spurt this year. He is now in the 50% weight and 75% height. next came blood pressure check, by this point Kinson had had enough! We never got a reading. Then to top it off they come in and prick his finger--- Kinson gets real queasy at the sight of blood and starts screaming! By the time Dr Flowers comes in I am worn out!
What can Kinson do at 3?:
  • he is 90% potty trained-- we still wear a pull up to sleep, but (knock on wood) has done great throughout the day
  • sleeps in a big boy bed all night
  • talks NON-STOP about anything
  • can say all his ABC's and recognizes and identifies all the letters
  • can count to 20
  • LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Lightening McQueen and anything related to Cars
  • Toy Story is coming in as a close second
  • can recite every line to the movies Cars, Toy Story1, Toy Story 2, Kung Fu Panda, and the Jungle Book (not sure what that says about us as parents!)
  • has his own personal sound track of songs from those movies above that Bear has to play every morning on their way to school
  • has a very limited diet-- Wendy's chicken nuggets, yogurt, any fruit, and pancakes
  • still hates to change clothes but at least he doesn't have to sleep in the next day's school clothes
  • HATES to brush his hair or get a haircut-- his lovely haircut is compliments of his one handed momma attempting to cut his hair and not disturb him as he SLEEPS!!!

With all this said, it has been the most wonderful and best 3 years ever and I couldn't imagine loving him anymore!!!