Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's a whole new world....

when you get to face the front!!!

I finally took a picture with Kinson in his oh so cute "cowseat!" I will be the first to admit that we didn't make it to his birthday before we turned him around--gasp!! The rule is he has to be 20 lbs and 1 year old.....well Kinson was 20 lbs at 7 months old!!!

We decided to turn him around right after Christmas when he got his DVD player. He is just in heaven. He thinks that he such a big boy now that he can see us and where he is going. In fact he hates getting in buggy at the grocery store because he doesn't like sitting backward!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the Barbershop with Papa

Kinson's First Haircut

Well I have posted before about Kinson's "Bad Hair Days" and I just knew it wasn't so cute anymore. Bear insisted that he go with him so we had an appointment for 2!!

Liza was wonderful with him and he just looked so cute in his own cape. And of course he was very well is amazing the things that he will do for food!

It amazed me how different just cutting a little bit off made. He definitely looks like a little boy now!

By the way, Liza kept putting the cut hair in a pile. Finally she asked me where she wanted me to put it. I couldn't figure out why she was asking me this. Then she said that moms like to keep it! What the heck!? What am I going to do with 1/2 inch scraps of dead cells? Does that make me a bad mommy because I didn't keep it? Well if he ever asks I will just blame it on Bear!!

So much to say, so little time!!

I just can't seem to fit everything I need to in each day right now. Bear is working every night and Saturdays until tax season is over...YUCK!!!

I also broke my laptop last week and I just got a new one and I have no clue on what I am doing with thisd Vista junk!! As soon as I can figure out where my pictures are I will update everything.

Kinson has gone through leaps and bounds lately. My little boy turned 1!!! It is so bittersweet for me. A whole year has passed and he is not my baby anymore :(