Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where, oh where is the Smith family?!!!

We are alive and BUSY BUSY this time of the year.  We have been playing baseball, field tripping, field daying, and enjoying every moment of good weather that we can.  I will let you enjoy the pictures of the last month (not in any particular order;))

Easter egg hunt at church!  We hunted ALOT of eggs this year...

Baseball ready :)

On the Mother's Day train ride...

He LOVED seeing Thomas and Friends

Yes, there was a real man in that suit and it was H-O-T there!!

As Kinson said, "We are in Sodor!!"  We spent a day in Springhill, AL (don't recommend the city) to go to A Day with Thomas.  We rode Thomas and they had multiple activities set up for the kids to do.  Great kids activity just not the best city, plus it was HOT!!

BeBe's recital.  Cohen was mesmerized by all the dancing.  She will get her shot at it next year!

Magnolia's Field Day- Cohen's class was the "Busy Bugs"

Cohen was supposed to be doing the motion to a cheer, however she thought it was more fun to wave at everybody!!

Sweet Court!

Ring Toss

They made up their own rules ;)

Pool time at school.  She definitely LOVES the water

Not really sure what to do with the pop ice

Her classmates do!!