Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sibling Rivalry.....

Don't be fooled.....this doesn't happen very often!

Deja Vu

I don't have Kinson's baby pictures on the computer anymore but you can look at my old post from Oct/Nov 2007 and see this same act taking place! The only difference is that Kinson discovered the doggy door at 8 months old and at least Cohen held off til she was almost a year!

Here she is putting blocks outside! By time I figured it out she had already gotten 9 blocks and 2 hotwheels outside!

So Sorry for the late update!

I can't believe that I haven't updated about Cohen's MRI yet, but we are really frustrated right now! Cohen did better than expected with the actual procedure, she made it until the procedure started at 9:30 without eating! It took 5 sticks before they were able to get the IV started and after she screamed that much she went fast to sleep! They came and took her from us and it took about an hour and then she was in recovery. I was expecting her to be like she was after the tubes (screaming uncontrollably!) but she was very groggy and disoriented. They said she was in a twilight. It was really short lived and then she just cat napped all day.
As far as the results, that has been the frustrating part. We had the MRI done at UMC but our endo has a private practice therefore he has to request the results. Well we love our dr, however his office staff leaves a lot to be desired. So i called them on Monday to let them know the results were ready but they had to call and get them. They said fine, well on Wednesday they call Bear and ask if she went and her MRI they hadnt received the results yet!! He told them they had to call and get them. Friday came and we still havent heard anything, so Bear called UMC on Friday and gave them our dr's number for them to fax it to them! They arent open on Friday afternoons so we werent able to call and verify they received it. The latest we could hear anything is the 30th, we actually have an appt that we wait :(
And a new appt to add to the list--Neuro Nov 25th.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

She loves Spaghetti!!

She has just started on table food over the last 3 weeks and she LOVES everything we put in front of her (except bananas)! This was her first try at spaghetti and just like her big brother, she devoured it!