Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh how time flies, when we are having fun!

Our vacation has come and passed. We went to a Portofino Resort and Spa off Pensacola Beach and it was fabulous! Don't let the name fool you, it is the most kid friendly resort--they have a kid "playground" in the water on the Gulf side and counselors that will do activities with them. We however did not par take in any of these luxuries, we just bummed on the beach. We knew because of Kinson's quirkiness and finicky behavior it was going to be hit-or-miss if he was going to like it or not. The first day was a no go, he got out there and really just played in the sand a bit, luckily it rained and we went shopping the rest of the day. The next day, Nana performed a MIRACLE and had that boy out in the waves!! He didnt get out for 2 days!!
There are so many stories and good times to share but I need to get the little one to bed but here is a few pics (there will be many more to come). And big shocker, there are a few pics of ME!! I had a friend ask why I had no pictures of myself up and I didnt have a good answer except that Bear still doesn't know how to work our camera so when he does take a picture it is not to good. Nana took these for us :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Only 2 more months

until our little girl is a year old!! This year has been so long, yet gone by so fast. We weren't scheduled for a 10 month check up but Cohen was having some ear trouble so she got one anyway. She is really having problems with her right ear, that was the one that caused her to need tubes, she had one ear infection that NEVER went away. We were hoping after tubes that this would help this situation, but it has helped to drain the infected fluid out, but however too slowly. She has had 2 ear infections (or 1 that just wont go away) this month, so she is on another round of antibiotics and if doesn't help then we will get some powder from Marty's Pharmacy that they compound to "puff" in her ears to hopefully kill eaverything. If not then back to Dr Lee to decide the next step. Her ears clearing up are so important to her and us as we try to eliminate all factors that might mask as a delay. Hypothyroid kids have a tendency to have speech delays and she is already delayed in her language skills we know but we would like to eliminate the factor that it could be because of hearing difficulty, so we hope that one of these solutions will help.
What else is Miss Cohen up to?
  • pulling up on EVERYTHING--don't stand still too long, she will pull up on your legs!!
  • attempting new textures of food-- she sort of gags easily
  • stealing all of Big Brother's toys
  • loving bathtime, if Kinson doesn't drowned her first!
  • sleeping 11+ hours a night, and she looks too cute in the morning to wake her up so we open the door and hope noises will wake her up
  • attempting our 6th or 7th sippy cup....this hasn't been going so well
  • wrapping herself around her Papa's finger! She didnt have to try to hard!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Always learning something new!

Our little girl is on the move!! She is just continuously amzing us with her determination. She is now crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. She looks so funny because she is the size of a 5 month old! However she is growing! We went for her 9 month check up---yes i know it was late-- but she is weighing a little over 15 lbs!! That means she has finally doubled her birth weight!!! This is especially important as she is so active and we anticipate her weight gain to slow down a bit. But she is just so darn cute, again I know I am very bias, but we really can't ger enough of her!!

Adventure Racing--Take 2!!

We were off again, this time to Baton Rouge! We had so much fun even though it was so hot! This time what made it so much more fun was that not only were we cheering on Bear's team but we were also cheering on my coworker, Helen's team, which was an all girl team. This race was the same as the last, running, biking, and canoeing, all bvased around a map and a list of checkpoints. It was such a close race......but the GIRLS won by 2 1/2 minutes!!
Between 2 kids, the campus, and each team on different routes, I had a difficult time taking pictures, so here are a few!

Monday, August 3, 2009

This might make the grandmothers proud....

My mother in law has been cleaning out her costumes that have accumulated over the years and needless to say, Cohen has such a large dress up collection (in size XS-18!!) that Cinderella and Snow White would be jealous!! So the other night we decided to see what her future holds!!