Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are here!

Life has just gotten so chaotic these last few months as we endure another tax season for Bear and an unusually busier workload for me. But we will not complain as we are thankful to have thriving, secure jobs during this time and economy. But at the end of each day all we want to do is lay on the couch or go straight to bed.
As far as the kids they are doing good. Kinson is getting over strep and an ear infection but he still never stops. He keeps us laughing at his ever growing vocabulary and phrases. Little Coco is sitting up fairly well and she is doing well in physical therapy. She is now only lacking 5 degrees passive range of motion of moving her head to the right (for those who dont understand, she is doing really good!) She still is very weak in her nech so now we will focus on strengthening. We did find out yesterday that she has a milk protein allergy and she was changed to a hypoallergenic formula, also called "liquid gold!" So hopefully she and ourselves will get some much needed rest.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

25 Randoms

about me and Bear! We were tagged multiple times on facebook and if you can believe it, Bear actually did it. It is funny to see how different we are.

This was mine:

1. I never knew I could love, hurt, or act a fool as much as I have since I have been married
2. I come from a very large, loud, crazy family (and if you know them you know what I mean) that at times I would never want to admit that I was related to but I absolutely LOVE Sundays when we get together at my Mamaw's....Bear thinks that it is quite entertaining!
3. I love a bargain, and i mean any bargain on anything, If someone tells me that they got a good deal on something then I will lose sleep trying to find time to go to the store and shop. Yes I keep all you Craigslist posters in business!
4. I am baffled by people who have to TRY and live a healthy life, especially those who either work in the medical profession or have children, it should just be second nature.
5. i know everybody says they like their job, but i LOVE my job. Every bit of company, my patients, my coworkers, EVERYTHING. I can honestly say that I would work where i am until i retire if it would relocate at some point otherwise I might get killed! (if you know where it is then you know what i mean!)
6. It bothers me sometimes when people ask what happened to my arm, but it also bothers me when peopke don't ask. But it always bothers me when parents dont stop their kids from staring at me or when the parents wont let their kids ask me. And when people are looking at me feeling sorry for me.
7. Going off of that, it breaks my heart to know that at some point my kids will be teased because of my disability.
8. I am always striving to take the perfect picture--it still hasnt happened yet, I need to keep paying the professionals!
9. I love my high school friends so much and so glad that we have reconnected again.
10. I like to organize but do not like to clean.
11. i love that i dont have to think about my clothes in the morning, just about what color today.
12. My favorite time of the day is when Kinson wants to "sit with Momma" before he goes night-night.
13. I wish that I had the attention span or the ability to shut my mind off long enough to sit through a movie with my husband, just because i know how much he enjoys movies but I have tried and I am not very successful.
14. I have always wanted to be a waitress at some point in my life--with the way the economy is going you never know!
15. I love to problem solve anything--even if it takes me days, hours, however long, it doesn't matter I will not quit thinking about it and always question wether or not it can be done better.
16. I am very competetive--I used to think this was an asset but realized quickly it could be a fault and have had to catch myself many times
17. I interrupt people, not on purpose but because if I dont say what I am thinking immediately then it is gone forever because I will forget!
18. I constatly look around my house and have huge ideas but never start half of them--not sure if it is because I know I will never finish or if I know I dont want to even start
19. Living in New Orleans during OT school was the most miserable, eye-opening, growing-up experience of my life
20. We have not bought anything that we could not pay for (except our house) yet I still lose sleep at night thinking that I do not save enough money to be able to retire and live comfortably.
21. I love listening to the stories that the old men tell me everyday about growing up, war, or just what they are thinking at that moment--those are usually the best!
22. I long go to sleep and know that I will not be woken up by anything--I would probably panic if it ever happened!
23. I fear everday that I might outlive my children or not live long enough to see their children.
24. I am very passionate and dont know how to not give everything when i am doing something, this is usually why I am behind because I cant move on. However i am very good at multi-tasking.
25. Finally....hmmm...I love my husband, he is my soulmate, and probably one of the few that will ever truly understand me.

Now for Bear's:

1. I am thinking I am going to struggle coming up with 25 of these.
2. I didn't accomplish much of anything during my 20's but had the best time and wouldn't change a thing.
3. I wish I was a bit more outgoing.
4. I am a huge fan of 80's New wave and early techno music.
5. I have been to several raves in my life. See note 2.
6. I am in my 30's and have yet to tell my parents how much I appreciate them.
7. I can watch anything on TV having to do with organized crime.
8. I think dogs are in the top 5 of gods creations.
9. I always said I would leave Mississippi but am very glad that I am still here.
10. I don't think I can ever thank my wife enough for introducing me to sushi and lebonese food.
11. I am determined to take a month off and travel europe before I die.
12. I wish I had played sports longer than I did.
13. My kids give me more happiness than I could ever wish for.
14. I am still not sure how my wife, Brandy, tolerates me.
15. I am thankful for facebook because I would probably never see or speak to some of my friends if it wasn't for it.
16. I never knew being married could be so easy. I must have picked the right girl.
17. If people knew half the stuff going through my head they would probably run the other way.
18. I hate leaving Kinson at day care when he is crying for me not to leave.
19. I am thankful for my father in law who can fix anything and keeps me from having to do it, which usually means it wouldn't get fixed.
20. My worst experience was having both kids in the hospital at the same time.
21. For a brief period in time I hung out with the wrong crowd.
22. I think beer is wonderful.
23. I hope Brandy knows how much she means to me.
24. I love thinking of what my kids will be when they grow up.
25. I have never been happier in life than I am right now.