Thursday, January 8, 2009

So proud of Papa!

There was never any doubt that Bear wouldnt complete his goal. He ran his first half-marathon this past Saturday in the 2nd Annual Ms Blues Marathon. He did TERRIFIC!!! I was able to go and watch him through the race and even saw him cross the finish line 2hours 22min, only a few seconds behind the winner of the MARATHON!! it was an exciting experience! We are very proud of him!

Miss Cohen...what is she up to?

I did it...I fell into the "not as many pictures of the second kid" trap! I feel terrible about it but i just havent taken very many. Partly because she has just been so puny for so long but she has turned the corner for the best-- she is finally gaining weight steadily and started smiling!! It took so long but we found out that she has reflux too and started her on medicine and within 36 hours she was eating us out of house and home and became happy! It wasnt that she was ever unhappy, she is very laid-back and content, she just never was too enthusiastic...I think she gets that from her daddy!

Coggles Came!

Christmas morning was just what we hoped it would be, a quiet morning with just the 4 of us and a afternoon of complete chaos! Kinson woke up and did the normal routine just like anyother day until he walked to the tree. There was 1 present wrapped in Shrek paper and he kept pointing saying "shrek, donkey! shrek, donkey!" He enjoyed his presents and wouldnt you know the 2 "cheapest" presents were the best--a "coggles" pez dispenser and "cars" utensils!

Life has been so busy...

I can't believe that it has been a whole month since I last blogged! We have done so much and been super busy so I have a lot to catch everyone up on.

I know with it already being mid-January who wants to hear about Christmas, but I really have to show you Kinson's pictures with Santa....he LOVED him! For some reason he called him "Coggles!" I would say there is Santa and he would say "coggles!" We had to go and see Coggles everywhere. We went to the Bass Pro Shop and he just thought that the tiny little bridge by the fish tank was the best thing ever and then we had to go and see him at Winner's Circle Park.

This is when it was time to leave and he threw a MAJOR fit! He really didn't want to leave Coggles!