Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The worst experience of my life....

I feel like I can say that i have been through quite a bit in my life, but nothing that has happened to me can compare to watching your children suffer. As long as it is me who is going through things I feel as though I am somewhat in control, however these last 3 weeks we have felt helpless.

It started November 7 when Kinson came home from school running 102.5 fever and just wanted to be held. It continued all weekend with the addition of a terrible cough. We had to wait until Monday to see his dr because when he has respiratory issues I will only see his dr because of his history. Diagnosis: something viral...they always do bloodwork on him also because of his repeated history. So we went home with precautionary antibiotics and additional breathing treatments on top of his normal treatments. This continued until Thursday when I spent all night with him running 103-104 temps so we called back and got him seen again. Well as soon as we got there I started panicing when the nurse looked at me and said how long has he been breathing that way. I told her a few days and it is getting much more rapid and labored. She ran to get the dr and the pulse oxygen meter to check his levels. He was only registering 90 so they proceeded to do test which showed RSV+. Well initially I thought no big deal because he has had it 2 times last year. They did a treatment and the dr listened and just gave me look and asked which hospital we wanted to go to. This was the beginning of what turned out to be a 11 day hospital stay with not just 1 kid but the next day Cohen got tested and she was positive also!! Luckily they got to share a room but what an adventure. Kinson ended up with double pneumonia and Cohen had pneumonia in her right upper lobe.

They had to stay under these mist tents as much as possible which was easy when they felt bad but after 4 days Kinson started becoming WILD (thanks to the steroids) and it became difficult to keep him in bed and if he got up he had IV wires and an oxygen sensor on his foot. CRAZY!! Luckily he got to go home Tuesday after 5 days. However it hit Cohen pretty hard. She couldnt keep her oxygen levels above 85 without oxygen and even then they kept having to turn it up. Finally the following Monday she made it 18 hours without oxygen and she was discharged.

Oh what a wonderful morning when we all got under our roof at home. So needless to say we had sooo much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving and it was nice to just be the 4 of us that day (thay couldnt be around too many people yet.)

Here are a few pics of Cohen, I didnt get any of Kinson because I did not want to disturb him when he finally got under the tent.

They have both received clean bills of health right now but we will continue breathing treatments for awhile and have to be very cautious of early signs of respiratory illness. We are so thankful for all the prayers, phone calls, meals, and thoughts that everyone provided.