Friday, July 11, 2014

Go Ninjas!!

This was by far my favorite soccer season!!  We have played with these boys in both fall and spring season and I fell like they are all mine.  Bear coached the team to a very successful year.  These boys were a wild, rambuncious group but so, so much fun!!  We will be sad to see our older group move up to U10 :(

Oh where art thou..........

We are still here........
Things are just so busy.  I was hoping that Summertime would bring us some down time and it has but we have managed to fill that down time in with lots of fun with family and friends.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the long Summer nights.
I could spend pages writing about what we have been doing since January but I will hit a few highlights.  My babies aren't babies anymore.  They have grown up and although it appears that they love each other in these pictures---keep in mind they were heavily bribed :)  However, Cohen hugging Kinson is a HUGE step for her.  Our baby who has always been sweet, also could be stand-offish and avoid physical contact.  We are so proud of how far she has come.

Kinson is ALL boy.  He always needs to be playing.  Thankfully he LOVES to play outside all the time.  He does spend his fair share on a video game but he prefers to outside on the move.  He has become such a social bug with all the neighbors and teammates and we have enjoyed getting to know them and their families.  
Bless this little girl's heart.  She was whacked in the eye by a therapy swing resulting in a HUGE black eye.  At the time there wasn't anything to do about it but her eye has developed a bony prominence on the outer edge and a black ring remains around her eye.  We are going to see a pediatric opthamologist July 31 to determine the next course of action.  Never a dull moment.
Baseball filled a lot of our time this Spring.  We have never been "baseball people" but Kinson had the desire to become one :)  So we set him up with some private lessons (he does better 1:1) and fortunately were selected with a great team and set of coaches.  He had a blast playing with these boys.  Never would I put in my child's mind that you have to be good to play or good to enjoy his time there but unfortunately sports have become so serious to some.  We didn't push for him to be the best but helped him to be on the same level as the others just so he was included.  We could see a dramatic change in his attitude about playing after he got the confidence he needed. 

Eater was a fun time for us.  Too bad I didn't take more pics :)

Hoping to get my new kitchen pics up next!!

Monday, July 7, 2014